Visiting fashion designer Stella Lavinia Overmann in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg means ending up in a small, cosy flat in a historical building. This is where the young aspiring designer not only lives but also works on her collections – unique fashion made in Berlin. Her affinity for art and design as well as for the process of creating artworks is reflected in the entire space. There are many small details like the pastel tones of the walls, colorful spots and ornated, golden frames. You automatically lean back and let your eyes wander.

Inspired by her Family

Creating art is part of Stella’s family history. Her grandfather was an architect and painter. Several family members are working in the music business and her aunt is an established interior designer. Stella Lavinia’s latest spring/summer collection „Trails“ is inspired by her grandparents’ love story, their letters and diaries written during the 1940s.

The new Spring/Summer Collection

Watercolour sketches of French coasts and landscapes painted in shades of blue, green and brown are picked up in Stella’s new collection. She interprets classy cuts and 1940s fashion in a new way. Think of circle skirts, Hawaiian shirts and long gowns. Above all, her new collection is characterised by feminine cuts, floating fabrics and floral designs that mirror influences from Mallorca‘s nature and culture. The designer lived on the Balearic island for seven years. Here she sought inspiration in the country’s language, mentality and art.

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Fashion made in Berlin

What makes the young label Stella Lavinia so unique is the selection of particular fabrics. Instead of opting for mass production Stella produces only up to ten limited designs and unique individual items. She solely uses high quality materials like silk, wool, lace and vintage buttons. The fabrics are bought in selected stores in Berlin, vintage shops, on flea markets and during trips abroad. There are several ways how Stella gets inspiration for her designs. She is most creative while wandering alone through the streets, drifting away, and also allowing her mind to wander.

There’s a permanently existing wanderlust in me that makes me want to explore cities and countries. You can find so much beauty and singularity in everday life.

Following her Passion

The process of creating art has always been part of the designer’s life and career. From her childhood up until now. She is in fact a trained paramedic. However, instead of pursuing her temporary dream to study dental medicine she eventually opted for the creative path living her passion. Now Stella creates beautiful fashion made in Berlin.

To hold the self-made garments in your own hands is such a wonderful and incomparable feeling. To see and to feel how a vague idea becomes more and more concrete, encourages me again and again to carry on and create new designs.

Writer & Photography: Lisa Jureczko
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