Exotic mango wood vases, colourful scarfs or Sriwanna ceramics combined with Swedish pastries, tasty food and freshly roasted coffee. The Far East Interior and Cafe in Palma is surely one of a kind. Combining an interior store with a cosy café it invites you to both shop and relax.

Handmade Products from all over the World

The owners of the Far East Interior and Cafe, Caroline and Jens Gronquist, have lived in Thailand for many years. During their travels around Asia the couple found many beautiful treasures as well as inspiration at small shops where passionate artists made everything by hand. Caroline and Jens hoped that they would be able to start an interior shop in Europe one day where they could sell these beautiful items.

Later, when they decided to move from Thailand to Mallorca, the idea grew stronger. Thus, they connected with their contacts around the world. Caroline and Jens visited many small shops and ordered a little here and there. In January 2018 they received their first container of goods thrilled to fill their new shop in the old town of Palma with all these beautiful items. It is important for the couple to make all the purchases themselves at small shops where proud and passionate artists work.

The Idea behind Far East Interior and Cafe

Since they wanted their shop to be vibrant and lively the couple decided to combine the shop with a café. A new concept was born, a small and cosy boutique café. Since Jens loves to create food and pastries a café where they make all the pastries themselves seemed like a perfect match with all the handmade interior items. Jens started his career as a baker many years ago. Therefore he has a lot of experience in creating delicious food and pastries. Together with Caroline, one of the employees who is also very passionate about baking, he now makes all pastries himself in the shop every day.

Since the couple is from Sweden they offer many typical Swedish cakes and pastries. As well as other great food including quiche and sandwiches. Their coffee is made especially for the café from a mix of beans from Colombia, Brazil and Kenya, roasted here in Mallorca.

The Far East Interior and Cafe concept is that you can sit in cosy corners surrounded by beautiful things, eating tasty pastries and enjoying great coffee. Maybe something beautiful catches your eye while you relax and you end up with a new favourite item to bring home.



+34 669 489 676


Carrer den Morei 1A (Plaza Santa Eulalia)
07001 Palma de Mallorca



Instagram @fareastpalma

Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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