The two interpreters Melissa Leo and Mads Mikkelsen picked up the Evolution Icon and Evolution Vision Awards in Palma. Furthermore, during the Evolution Film festival 2018 opening gala the film ‘Funny Story’ by Michael Gallagher inaugurated the film presentations of the festival.

The Evolution Film Festival 2018 Opening Gala

The inaugural gala of the 7th Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival (EMIFF) greeted many stars at the Teatre Principal de Palma. The actors Melissa Leo and Mads Mikkelsen excitedly received the Evolution Icon and Evolution Vision Awards during the opening. True to its mission to unite cultures and bridge people, the independent film festival in Palma screened a total of 104 films. The festival’s aim is to offer the general public the opportunity to enter into a journey through diverse cultural realities. Both convergent and divergent. And also to discover the people who live in them exploring the emotions that nourish their relationships.

The Evolution Film Festival 2018 opening gala began with a moment of memory for the victims of the floods. The floods affected the town of Sant Llorenç and other places around the Llevant de Mallorca a few days ago.

The director of EMIFF, Sandra Seeling Lipski, highlighted that the festival started the year 2018 with a great surprise. It was recognised as one of the 50 most important film festivals in the world by the prestigious magazine MovieMaker Magazin. More than thousand production registrations testify the growth of Evolution. Registrations from 52 countries reached the organisation team of EMIFF. They include Iceland, Bangladesh and Australia as well as the Balearic Islands. Lipski also stressed that the event holds a record of Made in Baleares movies. With 26 films this category occupies a very prominent place in the festival’s programming.

Mads Mikkelsen wins Evolution Vision Award

“I received an award in Copenhagen, in Iceland and it is an honor to now receive one in Mallorca. A place I always return to.” With these words Mads Mikkelsen expressed his gratitude for receiving the Evolution Vision Award. The organisation of the festival recognises with this award “an actor who inspires the public, breaks boundaries and unites cultures“. The Danish interpreter made the audience laugh during the Evolution Film Festival 2018 opening gala. He went forward to collect the award before Jaume Carrió finished his speech and invited him to take the stage.

The Mallorcan director, who won the Goya Award for Best Animation Short Film for ‘Woody & Woody’, was in charge of delivering the award to Mikkelsen. His speech made the audience and the actor it was addressed to laugh several times. Carrió described Mikkelsen as “a visionary who has shown a predilection for difficult, complex, obscure characters. Who has managed to combine, like very few actors, independent, small, committed and risky films with the blockbusters of the moment.”

Melissa Leo receives Evolution Icon Award

Visibly moved, Oscar winner Melissa Leo picked up the Evolution Icon Award. The award distinguishes the “outstanding and solid career of an innovative actress, who has given life to a range of eclectic and fascinating women. Immersing herself in her characters completely and giving the public raw interpretations loaded with veracity”. The award also recognises “Leo’s unwavering independent spirit in the current international film industry.”

Very grateful, the actress stressed that “independent cinema is what has allowed me to reach the Oscar. Festivals like Evolution are for us a community that allows us to relate and allows us to grow”. Leo recognized that she was captivated “by the light of the island, by its friendly people as well as by its great mix of cultures. And this is something that I am going to bring around the world,” she said.

Premiere in Spain of Funny Story

The Spanish premiere of ‘Funny Story’ opened the Official Feature Film Section of the festival during the same ceremony. Californian director Michael Gallagher was delighted to present his film at the EMIFF 2018 opening gala in Palma. It brought together more than 500 people at the Teatre Principal de Palma. Representatives of the world of politics as well as the Balearic society attended the opening gala. Furthermore, you could find many representatives of the Balearic and international cinema, like the directors Toni Bestard, Rubén Jiménez and Joan Cobos and Yad Deen.

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