Mallorca is a destination to enjoy in the sizzling heat of the summer, however those that remain on the island all year round know that Mallorca is just as fabulous in autumn. Its mild temperatures, tranquility, stunning landscapes and first-class gastronomy are only a selection of reasons why the island is considered as one of the best destinations to travel to during this season.

Autumn in Mallorca – Unforgettable experiences

During the colder months, many decide to leave Mallorca, taking home with them memories of summer. However, those who stay or choose the island for a perfect autumn break are treated to a unique experience filled with joy. A time when colour returns to the countryside, water begins to flow back through the rivers and the air is as fresh as it is crisp.

Best Autumn and Winter Activities in Mallorca Hiking

Moreover, the island’s charming towns will allow you to discover an authentic way of life, where one can soak up unparalleled landscapes and enjoy a variety of sports. Read on for our guide to the best ways to spend autumn in Mallorca.

1. Be dazzled by the light show at Palma Cathedral

La Seu is by far one of the most admired Gothic cathedrals in the world and an essential place to visit when you travel to Mallorca. It is spectacular at all times of the year, but even more so in autumn, when one of the biggest shows of light on the island can be enjoyed.

Weekend in Palma

On November 11th, a perfect alignment forms between the sun and the rosette of the facade of the Cathedral between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning that lasts for a few minutes. During that time, the colours of the rosette window are projected along its central nave until you look at the opposite facade, thus creating the shape of an 8. This show that can also be seen on February 2, attracting more and more people who want to enjoy the magical light effect of the cathedral.

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2. Hike through the Serra de Tramontana

Anyone who enjoys to walk and enjoy nature whilst being surrounded by an autumnal landscape will find that the Serra de Tramuntana is the best setting to do so. Situated at the north of the island and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one will find a striking mountain range filled with pines, oaks, stone houses, cliffs and hidden coves.


The best places to start are Valldemossa, Deià, Sóller or Fornalutx – charming spots that are complete with gorgeous landscapes of sea and mountains. They are the perfect choice to disconnect in absolute tranquility and where you can find a wealth of culinary treats.

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3. Savour local produce

One of the most wonderful plans at this time of the year is to enjoy long walks in the countryside collecting mushrooms. The vegetable plays a leading role in Mallorcan cuisine and is key in the preparation of some typical dishes such as sweet rice and pig’s trotters stuffed with mushrooms.

autumn in Mallorca

A perfect place for harvesting mushrooms is the Sierra de Tramuntana, thanks to its high peaks, level of humidity and temperatures which greatly favour the production of a variety of edible species. These include the most appreciated slave-sangs mushrooms which can be found in the months of October and November, to varieties such as chanterelles, boletus and trumpets.

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4. Discover a bird’s-eye view of the landscape

Imagine soaking up the  island’s hypnotic landscapes from a bird’s eye view, early in the day or at sunset and allowing yourself to be overcome by an overwhelming feeling of peace and tranquility. For this reason, watching the sunrise over the Mediterranean from 500 meters high or enjoying the most spectacular mountain ranges on a hot air balloon ride makes for an unforgettable experience.

Balloon Ride over Mallorca

Of all the ways there are to cross the skies, doing it in a balloon from Manacor is probably the most exciting, since the idea of ​​rising in a basket in search of the most awe-inspiring views seems almost magical. Once the globe is lifted and the balloon gains height progressively, you will begin to witness landscapes that from the sky become something quite extraordinary. A dreamlike experience that heightens in autumn with the sky’s gradient of green and orange hues.

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5. Tour the seafront and mountains by bicycle

Autumn is synonymous with the cycling season, where warm weather and the variety of routes available make Mallorca one of the best destinations to enjoy life on a bicycle. The mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana provide an incredible opportunity to explore the island and enjoy the wonderful panoramic routes and spectacular landscapes that it offers.

Serra de Tramuntana

The Formentor Peninsula, the coastal road of the Tramuntana and the small fishing village of Sa Calobra are the most popular routes on the island that are definitely worth exploring. Cycling in Palma is also a fantastic way to get to know the city’s promenade and to be enchanted by the wonderful offering of the capital.

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