Discover the island’s incredible gastronomical scene in our Best Food & Drinks Guide Mallorca! We proudly present you an insider’s insight into the ultimate places to enjoy delicious culinary offerings with our favourite recommendations.

Where to Eat & Drink in Mallorca

The island of Mallorca truly has it all, including a vibrant nightlife, divine beaches, a thriving art and cultural scene as well as a tremendous gastronomical offer. From typical cuisine to exquisite fine dining, we have put together a handy guide so that you can savour the island at its full extent.

Best Beach Clubs

Mallorca is home to a wealth of idyllic beachside venues that are perfect to relax and unwind. There are plenty of beach clubs all over the island that offer different services and experiences.

Best beach clubs Mallorca Best Beach Clubs in Mallorca- Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a dip in the pool, a massage or delicious meal with sea views. Find out all about the best beach clubs in Mallorca that invite you to spend a relaxed day by the ocean.


With an excellent selection of local and artisan beer producers across the island, it is no surprise why this is one of the most preferred beverages in Mallorca, where visitors can taste some fantastic varieties.

beers mallorca 11 Places to find the best local Beers in Mallorca- The global craft beer revolution has not yet found its way to Mallorca. But things are changing. Beer Sommelier Malin Norman shows the best places to find local beer.

Wines for Spring

The island offers great offering of wineries to taste wonderful Mallorcan wines, where each vine produces distinct varieties of taste but of an unparalleled quality.

Top 7 Mallorcan Wines for Spring- Drive around Mallorca in Spring to enjoy mallorcan wines. Witness the vines waking up, like in any other field where flowers and trees are blossoming, tiny buds can be spotted and new leaves grow and fruits form.

Best Markets

There is nothing more inspiring then to visit Mallorca’s thriving markets. The smell of fresh flowers, colourful olives and tasty desserts will bring a smile to anyone’s face. They are also the best place to shop typical local products and crafts, providing a wonderful setting to wander and people-watch.

Best markets in Mallorca Best Markets in Mallorca- There is nothing more inspiring then to visit Mallorca’s thriving markets. The smell of fresh flowers, colourful olives and tasty desserts will bring a smile to anyone’s face, don't you think?

Ice Cream Places

Across the island there are fantastic places to delight in all things delicious, with ice cream being a tempting treat. Many of the ‘heladerias’ or ‘gelaterias’ offer more products, where you can also try waffles, slushies, crepes and cocktails.

Top 10 Ice Cream Places in Mallorca Top 10 Ice Cream Places in Mallorca- Hot summer days at the beach or in town call for refreshing ice cream or gelato. We have listed the top 10 ice cream places in Mallorca for you to help you find the most flavoursome artisan ice cream and gelato.

Balearic Dishes

Balearic cuisine is a delicious fusion of flavours, textures and ingredients that offers a wonderful selection of fast, fresh and healthy dishes to fill any menu with character. Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera treasure a greb top quality products linked to the land and its roots.

Typical Balearic Dishes Typical Balearic Dishes- The Balearics treasure a great diversity of exquisite top quality products. We present you four typical Balearic dishes, one for each island, that are easy to prepare and a true delicacy.

Flavours of Mallorca

Mallorca offers the perfect combination of flavours in its cuisine which fabulously merges Spanish, Mediterranean and Catalonian traditions and influences.

The Flavours of Mallorca- Are you a meat lover, vegetarian or do you have an insatiable sweet tooth? Don’t worry, you are living on the right island. Mallorca offers the perfect combination for a flavourful living.

Asian Restaurants

The island is home to an array of restaurants that serve extraordinary oriental dishes. Whether you’re into seafood or meat, sushi or Mediterrasian fusion cuisine, you will certainly be transported to the flavoursome continent.

Asia Restaurant Asia Restaurant in Cap Vernell- Acclaimed Japanese chef Tae Rodríguez Yamaguchi takes diners on a culinary journey of exquisite Asian cuisine at Asia Restaurant situated in Park Hyatt Mallorca in Cap Vernell.

Palma Food & Drinks

One of the great reasons to visit the capital city of Mallorca is its vibrant and constantly evolving culinary scene. Here, there are a wealth of eateries that appeal to every tastebud, mood and budget.

Best Restaurants Palma

Palma de Mallorca has emerged as a true gastronomical paradise for all foodie lovers. Whether you fancy a bite of tasty tapas or want to savour the finest international cuisine, the city truly has it all, with both local and international delights to sample.

Astir iberostar Best Restaurants in Palma- Discover Mallorca's rich and diverse culinary scene in our guide to the best restaurants in Palma! Prepare for your senses to awaken, with eateries to appeal to every tastebud, mood and budget.

Top Cafes Palma

Whether you’re looking for a traditional Mallorcan tostada in a street-front cafe, or a cooked breakfast on a sea-view rooftop, Palma has it all! There are cafés and bakeries in almost every corner and are the places to visit for fresh bread, pastries and other delicious treats.

LLuis Perez Top Cafés in Palma- From small, cozy coffeeshops to elegant, traditional cafés. Mallorca's capital has many attractive cafés that will amaze you. We have created a list of the top cafes in Palma.

Rooftop Bars Palma

The rooftop terraces and bars in Mallorca‘s capital offer some amazing views of the charming old town, the surrounding mountains and the sea so checking out rooftops is definitely worth it in this city! A great mix of casual and more luxurious rooftops awaits you, some with restaurants, others with pools. Here they are…

Best Rooftop Bars in Palma Best Rooftop Bars in Palma- Is there a better way to end the day than with an exquisite dinner or delicious drink al fresco with stunning views of Mallorca's capital? We don't think so. Here’s our guide to the best rooftop bars in Palma.

Smoothie Places Palma

Smoothies, green and natural shakes with fresh and organic products on a daily basis which complement their vegan dishes and raw food. They are also an organic grocery store that gives courses and workshops.

Mise en Place 8 favourite Smoothie Places in Palma- Healthy smoothie consumption has lots of benefits. Where to get them in Palma? Check out our 8 favourite smoothie places in Mallorca's capital.


Each year, the unique tapas and cocktail festival entices locals and visitors to the bars and restaurants in Palma, where one can  taste a variety of traditional and contemporary offerings with scrumptious cocktail creations.

TaPalma Festival TaPalma – Tapas Festival- New routes, more restaurants and tapas, tasty cocktails and lots of fun. The annual tapas and cocktail festival TaPalma will once again lure locals and visitors to the tapas bars of the island's capital.

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