The oasis-like house in Mallorca is surrounded by green and trees with nature entering through large, frameless windows. The same windows slide into the walls, opening up the house in spring and summer and allowing for a gentle breeze to flow throughout the house, playing all day long with light linen curtains. The view is guided across the rooms towards the pool and onto the sea in the distance. But it still maintains the feeling of a house in the trees.

An elegant Interior

Inside this dream villa in Son Font the interior is kept to an earthy harmony featuring taupe colours. The architectural style is open-plan with the large 4-metre cooking island and kitchen in the heart of the house. From here your view is guided by half walls into the living room with a library behind it. All rooms also enjoy a beautiful view through the large windows. The bathroom is covered with elegant basalt tiles. The shower furthermore offers a special experience as it has two circuits allowing to combine hot rain with a cold waterfall at the same time.

Generous outdoor Area

The outside offers plenty of space at different levels. Here you can enjoy a good book, or have a chat while others might be playing chess in a different corner or preparing the barbecue for dinner. The infinity pool also invites for a refreshing bath. Visually there are no neighbours to be seen who might interfere with the feeling of looking across hectares of your own land from above. Peaceful summer nights reveal a sky without much light pollution, as there are no streetlights disturbing the views.

Pure Harmony

Large solid wooden floors underline the feeling of being in an oasis and blend in with the tiles outside, creating an outside/inside harmony. A harmony which is also reflected in the choice of materials: wood, stone and linen fabric in neutral tones. In addition, the pool tiles are the same as the terrace tiles, creating a whole.

Written by Mario Tuernich, photos by Pernilla Daniellson

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