Dijous Bo is wonderful fair held in Inca which attracts thousands of people each year. Over two days in November, its town centre comes alive. Offering a plethora of cultural, agricultural, gastronomical and sporting activities perfect for the entire family.

Dijous Bo

The Dijous Bo fair is one of the most popular events in Mallorca. The emblematic town of Inca is transformed with a huge market featuring over 700 stalls along more than 40 streets. Here, you can buy almost anything you can imagine. Artscrafts, leather goods and local Mallorcan produce. Additionally, visitors can enjoy music and street performances, participate in culinary master-classes and so much more.

Dijous Bo is translated from Catalan as ‘Good Thursday’ and its origins come from an agricultural market. Although its exact date of origin is uncertain, the first written references of the market, date back to the 17th century. Traditionally it was an economic fair which brought together the most important parts of agriculture on the island.

A range of cultural and sporting activities will commence a few days beforehand, including painting, games and a rally. The main programme of activities will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, including a cattle market, workshops, presentations and live music.

On this festive day, Inca attracts exhibitors and visitors from across Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, where it has been estimated that over 200,000 people attend. This is thanks to the wealth of diverse stands and fun-filled attractions, where Dijous Bo has become the most important market on the island.

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The most popular fair in Mallorca

For those who will be attending the fair for the first time, they can expect a diversity of gastronomical, cultural, musical, sports and events including a contest for the island’s black pig and a mule fair. On this day, Dijous Bo becomes the meeting point for merchants, artisans, tourists and curious visitors in an exceptionally lively atmosphere.

At Dijous Bo you can find all kinds of typical produce from the Balearic Islands, including ensaimadas, handmade cheeses, pintxos and sobrasada, all which pays homage to the strength of traditional Mallorcan cuisine.

The popular fair continues to grow in popularity each year, where one can take a break to get to know the customs and traditions of Mallorca, in the authentic setting of Inca. Steeped in history and featuring some lovely examples of architecture, Inca is the third-largest town in Mallorca, with a great selection of shops, cafes and restaurants.

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Come along and enjoy the festivities at Dijous Bo, the perfect way to spend a day getting lost among the town’s streets and stalls, soaking up an unbeatable atmosphere!

Event details

Location: Inca Town Centre, Mallorca

More information: www.dijousbo.es

Pictures courtesy of Dijous Bo

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