Coworking in Palma de Mallorca is something that is becoming increasingly popular as many people select the island as their base. People from all over the world visit Mallorca yearly and many of them are digital nomads looking to enjoy the island while continuing to work remotely.

Coworking in Palma de Mallorca

Gone are the days of 9-5 working hours in the office. With startups flooding the market, the style of the working day has become more flexible to allow employees a working schedule that suits their lifestyle. Instead of the self-employed or those who work from home, we have seen the rise of the coworking space. Coworking is a term that describes a space that is shared by those who can work from anywhere. It tends to be not just a place where people can complete their day-to-day tasks, but also a place where people who are self-employed or working for different employers can share equipment, ideas and knowledge. A space where creativity is celebrated, encouraged and where individuals are inspired. And some of these creative spaces can be found in Palma.

Inspiring Coworking, Hot desks & meeting rooms

Nidus 39
Nidus 39 isn’t just a coworking space, it is a flexible location located in the centre of Palma. It has the capacity to offer a range of resources one may need in addition to courses opportunities and buckets full of collaboration. In this space, you can organise events, workshops and work meetings. It is also a place where you can learn, study and create visions.
Calle Bisbe Maura 39, bajos – Palma

Loft 38
Based in an old reformed warehouse in the Portixol area of Palma, Loft 38 is situated in a spectacular neighbourhood in Palma. Here you can rent a desk in a location shared by other professional creatives. This amazing space is bright with a modern design, providing you with a working area where you can find inspiration for the tasks you have in hand.
Carrer de Llucmajor 38 – Palma

Centre Cultural Casa Planas
Casa Planas describes itself as a centre of culture and creation. This fabulous coworking space has taken some of the best bits of coworking examples in London, Madrid, Berlin and New York and created a space where ancient professions play with new technology. It offers its residents unique events and workshops in an environment that meets their needs. In this unique spot, you will also find a little book shop and a cafeteria to ensure you are always refreshed.
Avenida de San Ferrán, 21 – Palma

Community, inspiration and collaboration. Wohaby prides itself in providing a flexible service for the professional creatives who their space. Not only does it offer fixed packages for those who know the hours they want to work during the week, it also offers a range of flexible packages meaning that the space works for the needs of the users and is available at their convenience. Wohaby believes that work is more than just a business and that Wohaby is more than just an office, you will have to check it out for yourselves.
Carrer del 31 de Desembre, 22 – Palma

Artik Centre
The Artik Centre in Palma is all about design, creation and communication. Inside this fabulous centre of learning and creation there is space for 12 professionals to rent each month. This multidisciplinary space has no limits, with photography studios, workshops and a teaching and learning classroom, there are no boundaries on what you can achieve at Artik.
Carrer Mateu Obrador 1 – Palma

Run by Calvia Council, the IFOC encourages entrepreneurs, professionals, self-employed and small businesses to share a working environment where collaboration, exchange of ideas and generation of innovative projects are all valued. There is free parking a mere 50 m from the office and a space where you can bring clients and hold meetings.
Diego Salva Lezaún, 2 – Palmanova

Palma Activa
A space located in the centre of Palma that is efficiently organised by the local council. As the name suggests, Palma Activa is a place where business owners and professionals can rent space to further their businesses or host meetings in a bright, airy and professional environment. Its rustic design and courtyard terrace make it a wonderful place to make that dream a reality.
Carrer del Socors, 22 – Palma

Workation Palma
‘Relax and get some work done’ is the motto of this new co-work office in Palma. A contemporary one-floor space, located in a historic building, for entrepreneurs and people who love to work but also put great value on leisure. At Workation Palma they believe in the power of their community made up of like-minded entrepreneurs and emerging companies. It’s all about working, connecting, learning and growing.
Calle del Sindicat 74 – Palma

Def. Entrepreneur: adj. [person] Someone who identifies an opportunity and
organises the necessary resources to achieve it, in spite of difficulties.

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