Stepping inside Christine’s house on Mallorca is like stepping inside her heart and soul. Christine Leja is into “vintage, colours and special things”, a perfect combination which makes her home a true interior designer’s paradise.

Christine Leja’s Home

I love colour”, Christine tells us, “every piece in my home has to have a story”. But it takes skill, taste, experience and a certain talent to position an old Chinese sideboard next to a very modern Scandinavian carpet. “I get visions when I go inside a house, when I moved from the mountains to the sea last year, my new place made me think of Los Angeles.” Christine, an entrepeneur, designer and visionary, buys directly from dealers who know the history of their stock. “I heard about this old world champion water skier who was selling off all of his skis. It sounds silly but I didn’t want him to split up his collection, so I bought it all. I’ve hung them all on the wall which faces the sea, it made sense.”

Moving to Mallorca

Christine remembers hand drawing her dream home when she was growing up in a free range family of architects, her great-great-grandfather built the Strasbourg cathedral. She trained in Stuttgart before moving to Mallorca 25 years ago where she set up B-Connected, a real estate and design business which has expanded into interior and concept stores. “We specialise in turnkey properties, we take the project from start to finish. I needed unique pieces to put between the very modern, very sharp architectural shapes I was designing.”

“I bought too much and had to open a shop!”

History and connections are important to her, but more than anything it’s respect and consideration that drive her to make thoughtful decisions about her designs. ”You have to think about how and what you are doing will impact on the area around you, I’m always connecting and talking to the people around me.”

Christine Leja

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