Established in 2009, Christina Bosmans is the inspirational founder of Kids in Ibiza, the most trusted babysitter and nanny service in Ibiza. Providing experienced childcare professionals for families, Ibiza Retreats cover a wide range of services, being a one stop shop for holidaymakers on the island.

When did you decide to start? What was your motivation?

My stepson inspired me to set up Kids in Ibiza in 2009. One day it hit me and I thought: Why isn’t there a dedicated space in the restaurant with someone supervising the kids and offering them fun activities while parents enjoy their lunch? This was my inspiration for Kids in Ibiza.  

What were the main obstacles to developing your business?

Comparing it with today, 10 – 12 years ago, there wasn’t much going on for children on the island. It was really difficult to explain to people and potential customers what Kids in Ibizas mission really was. Good things do often take time. People viewed Ibiza as a party destination but not so much as a family destination. That has definitely changed. People are now so much more aware of how fantastic the island is with children, whether you’re raising them here or visiting on holidays. Since 2012, Santa Eulalia has even been recognized by UNICEF as “Ciudad Amiga de la infancia”; child friendly municipality. 

And the tastiest successes?

When someone asked me ten years ago: What is it that you do?It would take a while to explain the concept. Now when I meet people in Ibiza and they learn that I run a Business called Kids in Ibiza, they usually say: Oh, is that you? Sucha great idea! We love Kids in Ibiza!”. Thats personally my biggest success, that people (especially parents) know us and love what we do.

As an entrepreneur, who are your references? And as a woman?

Even though I work predominantly from home, at times it’s really tough to have children and run a business, especially a seasonal one. No matter how much help you have, how long they can go to nursery/school or (summer) activities – ultimately, your children need you, their mum. As a mother who runs a business, you have to learn to press your Pausebutton and switch off properly at times, no phone, no email. Even though your clients or colleagues urgentlyneed x,y,z from you. Stop, drop and breathe.

People viewed Ibiza as a party destination but not so much as a family destination

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