Carla Bruni speaks exclusively about her latest album ‘French Touch’. Released on Verve Records, a sophisticated and jazzy label from the renowned Universal Music, the album has already reached sales of over 3 million, where Carla Bruni captures us with her soft and melodic voice.

Carla Bruni: A ‘French Touch’ at Port Adriano Music Festival 

The former supermodel and First Lady of France, sings entirely in English, bringing her trademark smoky vocals in an impeccable reinterpretation of the greatest musical classics. These range from the well known ‘Stand by Your Man’, ‘Moon River’ and ‘The Winner Takes It All’ by ABBA, to surprising personal favourites including ‘Enjoy the Silence’ by Depeche Mode and ‘Highway to Hell’ by AC/DC. All are given the same treatment, where each song is filled with beauty and passion.

Arranged by David Foster, the award-winning composer, arranger and producer of sixteen Grammy Awards, French Touch’ was borne during spring 2014, when he innocently asked Carla Bruni, ‘‘What would you like to sing in English?”.

Carla Bruni

How did you approach these monumental songs immortalised by some of the most illustrious performers?

After modifying the songs so much, I ended up having the false feeling that they were mine. I was able to do it with my talented manager David Foster and the famous label Verve Records for the dissemination of this album.

Did you have an accurate idea of ​​the musical style and ambience of this album?

I had in mind the first two albums of Sade and Norah Jones, whose orchestral refinement surprised me. I wanted an album with a little folk and jazz. In short, an album that was timeless.

How did you come up with a version of the mythical ‘Highway to Hell’ by the band AC/DC?

Because my son is a metal fan.

Carla Bruni

The Rolling Stones thanked you on their social networks for your version of ‘Miss You’…

I thank them too! I am a friend of Mick Jagger, but we talk very little. The last time I saw him was for a decoration of the talented Martin Scorsese at the Élysée. So I was very happy that they liked my version!

If you could quote one artist from a song on the album, who would it be?

If I had to stay with only one, it would be Leonard Cohen. He is a true example, because his songs are prayers. They speak directly to God and I am sure God is listening.

Did you miss your own words and writing during the making of ‘French Touch’?

I have not released a record in French for five years. I am very happy to go back to writing and have been accumulating enough texts on my phone.

Love seems to be a favourite theme in your French songs…

Since I met my husband, all my love songs are for him. Everything I write is for him.

What do you take from the period of your life as a First Lady?

The Élysée was not a peaceful moment in my life, but one that was extraordinary. I am glad that my husband has come out of this war, which was a brutal battle.

In 2018 you finished a lengthy world tour with the album ‘French Touch’. What has changed for you?

Now I love to sing. I raise the stage with joy and I am infinitely more hopeful.

Interview by Loran Colley, Co-founder and Partner of OK Events Agency.

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