Positive, empathic, innovative, courageous and a professional go-getter. Carin Isgard pursues her dreams with lots of passion and motivation while enjoying here life here in Mallorca. Get to know the CEO and founder of Buy a Home Mallorca and Rent a Home Mallorca.

About Carin Isgard

Where do you live?

I live in Molinar. I fell in love with this area the first time I came here. The light, the atmosphere and the fact that you are right next to the sea but still so close to Palma makes it really unique.

What are your main interests and hobbies?

My business is one of my big passions in life and of course I spend a lot of my time working. But I am also good at keeping a balance between my work and personal life. I love traveling and have been lucky enough to have seen many parts of the world. Although I still have many more to go. I also really enjoy hiking in the mountains and being outdoors. Photography, reading and writing have also always been a big part of my life, as well as music, art and gastronomy. However, one of the most important things in my life are my close friends, my sister and family.

The Beginning of an entrepreneurial Career

Carin Isgard

What have you studied or worked as before?

I have a bachelor’s degree in business and economics, as well as a business school degree in marketing. Later on I also attended university for another two years to become a licensed real estate agent. I have worked in real estate since 2002, the first five years in Stockholm, Sweden. Before that I was working many years in the business sector as sales and marketing director. And I have also been head of business development and many years before that I have worked in marketing and sales.

How and when did your career as an entrepreneur start?

I think it started already as a child! My father was an entrepreneur and had his own business which for me meant an inspiring environment to grow up in. As a young child I used to buy things at the local store and resell them at home to my parents. During the summers I also had a small ice cream shop at our country house, buying vanilla ice cream and mixing it with fruits and reselling it in smaller cups. But the real entrepreneurship started ten years ago here in Mallorca. In 2008 I decided to follow my dream and start my own company within real estate. My entrepreneurship has continued to evolve ever since, and I am dreaming and planning big.

Playing an important Role in People’s Life Decisions

What do you love most about your job?

First of all, that you get to meet and work with so many different kinds of people. I also love that the job has so many different sides to it. And that I get the opportunity to use all my qualities and experiences at once – being both creative and analytical at the same time. I also really enjoy building a brand, having my heart and background in marketing, and leading a team. It is challenging, fun and so rewarding.

What fascinates you about real estate?

That no deal is the same as the next one. You can always learn something, improve and get even better. And as previously mentioned, I really like that it involves so many different aspects of work. That it is both an office based job, as well as being out with clients.

But most of all, it fascinates and inspires me that you play such a big role when people are about to make one of the biggest deals of their life. You have an important part in the process and to be there to support and help your clients on an exciting and emotional journey, truly is inspiring and rewarding.

Celebrating an Anniversary and Future Wishes

Can you tell us more about your current projects?

We have our ten year anniversary this year 2018, and we are going to celebrate it! It is a great opportunity to give something back to the people who made it possible for us to get where we are. For some, ten years might not sound very long. But thinking of how many recently established and young start-up companies there are in the real estate business in Mallorca, ten years says a lot about our experience and knowledge. And that is something worth celebrating!

Where do you see yourself in the future, what would you like to accomplish?

I would like for Buy a Home Mallorca and Rent a Home Mallorca to be among the most established and well known brands in Mallorca. And for our business to keep growing and expand to other locations… Time will tell where!

Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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