The Cap Vermell Group presents their new music app Cap Vermell Sound with unique soundtracks by DJ Kiko Navarro usable both on iOS and Android.

The DJ

The internationally known Majorcan DJ Kiko Navarro can usually be found at Garito Café in Palma de Mallorca but has also worked as a DJ in Greek, Italian or Japanese clubs. For the Cap Vermell Group he has created a unique soundtrack for every moment of the day that will make you want to go with the rhythm and forget all worries.

The Sound

From now on everyone can enjoy the laid-back, pure sounds of Cap Vermell all day long. Kiko Navarro has created an exceptional mix of the best latest music with jazz, funk, deep house and ambient music. The selection ranges from danceable electronic music to relaxing chill out or ambient sounds.  A real treat for everyone’s ears.

The Cap Vermell Sound App

The app is apt for both iOS and Android.
The unique concept of the app is that the music matches with the different times of the day:

  • 7am to 11am: You will get to hear positive, fresh and motivating chill out or ambient music to start the day with energy and in a good mood.
  • 11am to 3pm: Listen to the sounds of jazz, disco, funk and black music before and after lunch.
  • 3pm to 8pm: A unique house and deep house mix will get your body and mind moving.
  • 8pm to 11.30pm: Smooth jazz music will perfectly accompany your dinner.
  • 11.30pm to 7am: Listen to the most romantic sounds including ballads and classic music by international artists.
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