A quiet oasis surrounded by lush hills with stunning sea views. Canyamel is a small but charming resort located in a privileged enclave on the eastern coast of Mallorca. Many residents and visitors come here to enjoy tranquility, nature and luxury. Discover what makes this place so special!

About Canyamel

Canyamel (honey cane in Catalan) owes its name to the sugar cane that was formerly grown in this region. The small town located in the municipality of Capdepera is surrounded by tree-covered hills. Through it flows the Torrente de Canyamel that divides the town into the southern and northern part. The first one is more touristy with many hotels and a pedestrian area while the other half around Cap Vermell is more fashionable and luxurious. There you can find many beautiful villas, a golf course and the impressive caves of Artà. The town also has a stunning, about 3oo metre long beach with both sandy and rocky parts, that connects to the Torrente de Canyamel river. The small, less-developed town enjoys a good reputation among numerous local and international visitors that come every year seeking relaxation, and natural beauty.

One day in Canyamel

You can enjoy Canyamel not only during the summer months when the cool sea invites for a swim. But you can also explore it during winter season by foot. A hike through the mountains or an excursion to the famous caves of Artà are always a great idea. Here is one way to spend a day in Canyamel.

In the Morning


First of all, start your day with a freshly brewed coffee, baked goods and more delicious food at Café Sa Plaça located in the Park Hyatt Mallorca hotel. An elegant and trendy place perfect for a quiet breakfast.

Golf and Caves

Head over to the golf resort of Canyamel for a few relaxing hours of playing golf in a beautiful setting with fantastic views. On the other hand, if you’re looking for adventure visit the impressive caves of Artà that are just a short drive from Canyamel.

Lunch Time

Who wouldn’t like to have lunch next to a romantic ancient tower? Try the famous suckling pig or other typical Mallorcan dishes at Porxada de Sa Torre. A unique restaurant with excellent food and service.

In the Afternoon

Relax at the Beach

Later, spend a few hours at the beautiful sandy and rocky beach of Canyamel. Breathe in the sea breeze in the shadows of the pine trees with a great book in your hand. You can also opt for a refreshing bath.

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Coffee Time

Try a tasty piece of cake with a cup of coffee or have a healthy smoothie at Café Saüc. This cute and stylish café serves delicious drinks and food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The best place to unwind.


Go for a hike along the picturesque coast of Canyamel. Stop once in a while to enjoy the scenic views or take photos with your loved ones. You can also try to find a little hidden cove that invites for a swim.

In the Evening


Exquisite mediterranean cuisine, a terrace overlooking the sea and a stunning sunset. What more could you ask for? Vintage 1934 at the Cap Vermell Beach Hotel ist the best restaurant to end your day with an unforgettable dinner. Try their famous lobster and seafood dishes, a real culinary delight.

Good Night

Head to the Park Hyatt Mallorca, you will feel like you’re wandering through a Mallorcan village located on a hilltop with magnificent views. Have a cocktail or glass of wine at their Tapas Bar and spend the night in one of their thoughtfully designed, luxurious rooms.

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