As one of the smallest resorts on Mallorca, Cala San Vicente is a beautiful setting that boasts lush landscapes and exceptionally gorgeous blue waters.

About Cala San Vicente

Tucked away on the north west coast of Mallorca, Cala San Vicente is beautiful setting that makes up part of the municipal of Pollensa. Being originally a fishing village, its charming town and resort features lovely bays with dramatic cliffs and striking rock faces.

The area has grown to become very attractive to visitors to the island thanks to its wonderful tranquility and small inviting beaches. The resort is divided into two part, which stretches between the beaches of Cala Barques and Cala Molins.

Beaches in Cala San Vicente

There are three quaint beaches in the area that showcase stunning crystalline waters which have emerged to be quite a hotspot for summer sun seekers. This include Cala Molins, Cala Barques and Cala Clara, each which are distinctly different and special.

Cala Clara is a delightful pebbled beach that makes a very good setting to enjoy snorkelling. Cala Barques is a beautiful sandy cove with rocks at its end and which offers lovely views to the cliffs. Cala Clara is also a stunning beach that showcases white fine-grained sand and is surrounded by some residential houses and touristic buildings.

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Activities in Cala San Vicente

Scuba diving is a very popular activity, with plenty of excursions on offer during the summer season. The underwater rock formations are perfect to explore the underwater environment, with the depth reaching around 12m. For those that are interested in this immersive water activity, most scuba diving companies can be found in Puerto Pollensa.

Every week there is a morning a market in Puerto Pollensa which sells a plethora of locally sourced produce as well as artisanal delights

The area has grown to become a very popular choice for walkers with fantastic hiking routes on offer. In addition, birdwatching can also be enjoyed, where visitors can watch flocks of beautiful migrating birds. These include falcons, swifts and nightingales.

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Eating out in Cala San Vicente

At the restaurant at Hoposa Niu Hotel, you can enjoy delicious Mallorcan cuisine with outstanding views. The Cala Barques Restaurant is nestled on the beachside with fantastic panoramas of the Cavall Bernat Mountain, offering signature seafood, fish and rice dishes that have been caught fresh from the sea.

Cavall Bernat is renowned for its extensive wine list, serving a menu of seasonal produce such as slow roasted lamb. Alternatively, Modesto Restaurant is a beautiful eatery that has a menu with a great selection of meat and fish plates and seasonable vegetables from Mallorca.

Hotels in Cala San Vicente

La Moraleja is an exclusive 5-star hotel which is situated on the road into the town, featuring an authentic and traditional decor. Alternatively, the 4-star Grupotel Molins can be found in Cala Molins beach, being a particular attractive choice for couples thanks to its intensely romantic ambience.

Hoposa Niu Hotel is also a wonderful hotel that is situated above the beach and boasts breathtaking panoramas as well as its own delightful restaurant. It is also well recommended to stay at Cala Sant Vicenc Hotel, which has an array of first class facilities, including a swimming pool, restaurant and gym.

If the idea of having more space appeals to you, then there are also many apartments and villas for rent during the summer months. Many boast incredible views across the bay and the surrounding Serra de Tramuntana mountains, offering a peaceful and tranquil setting to enjoy an amazing escape.

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