Mallorca meets Bali, a perfect description for this beautiful oasis. Stepping inside the doors of this bohemian beach house, the first sensation that hits you is the feeling of being in a luxurious spa. The music is soft and the air is touched by a scent of soft cashmere and mint with a hint of pineapple.

House by the Sea

Automatically, you are drawn towards large windows that look out onto the turquoise Mediterranean sea and the horizon. Where vast rocks meet the salty sea and where the sun disappears at the end of the day. The proximity to the sea and being able to see ocean sunsets were some of the criterion when this Scandinavian family started their house hunt in Mallorca a couple of years ago.

Living on the Island

As is often the case in Mallorca, things have taken a long time. Finding the right builder and architect, selecting material and finally choosing the right interior designer. However, when seeing the beautiful result, I think it was worth waiting for. Maybe it isn’t always about speed – but enjoying the journey.

“There are so many good architects and construction companies here on the island. The hard part was finding someone who understood the feeling we wanted to achieve and who shared the same vision we did.” And also getting the needed permission.

A bohemian Beach House to chill

The bohemian beach house really is a reflection of the family living there. The mother is charismatic, warm and elegant. The father is welcoming and open-minded. The children and the dogs are curiously watching the camera and all the mess we are causing in our search for the best angles.

“This is a beach house. The whole idea is that our guests and ourselves should always feel relaxed to chill and come directly from the swimming pool to have lunch. It is a social house. It would never work if we had chosen materials that couldn’t resist water and a little bit of dirt.”

Unique Style

The interior design is boho chic, a mix of Bali, Mallorca and other influences. At first glance you may think that all the furniture is super expensive. But really it’s a mix of high and low end. Ikea, flea markets, items brought whilst abroad and some from fancy furniture stores. Again the interior is a reflection of the family. Not following the crowd but standing out as having their own individual style. The combination of sea, sun and chill out chic has us in no rush to leave. We definitely wouldn’t mind lingering here for a while…

Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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