Under the motto “happiness is edible” Bo Bom Gelato in Palma de Mallorca brings to the island a new concept of gelateria and a true foodie experience. Their artisan gelato offers clients that special moment of happiness, pure joy and escapism, evocative of a carefree childhood.

About Bo Bom Gelato

Bo Bom has opened its doors in Palma de Mallorca on the 21st of March, the first day of spring. Since then, they are fast establishing as the premier artisan gelato producer in Palma de Mallorca. They bring to the capital, and beyond, a new concept of gelateria and gelato creations which are quite unique. Bo Bom Gelato has found the perfect balance of tradition and innovation to create unique gelato. It is freshly made at the gelateria guided by one of the best Maestro Gelatiere Italiano with the most advanced technology, much expertise and love.

Their gelato is artisan, carefully formulated exclusively with fresh and high-quality produce to attain a wonderful creamy texture. It is this texture that, kept at the right temperature, enhances the pure flavours of the fresh ingredients and creates an explosion of flavours as you taste it. This delights and stuns the clients who describe the gelato at Bo Bom as one-of-a-kind.

A unique Name

The gelato at Bo Bom is artisan and unique. Therefore, the owners of the gelateria wanted to have a name that differs from the typical gelateria names. They wanted to have their product speaking for itself and the name to be a magnet that evoked feelings of lightheartedness and fun. Because at the end of the day they want to offer their clients that special moment of happiness.

Thus, they looked for an onomatopoeia. For a name that meant an explosion of flavours and pleasure and that reinforced the deliciousness of their product. The word ‘Bo’ means ‘good’ in Mallorquin and is an homage to the beautiful island of Mallorca. ‘Bom’ is meant as a reinforcement of good. Their gelato is not only ‘bo’, it’s ‘bo – bo’. The transformation of the second ‘bo’ in ‘bom’ signifies the explosion of flavours.

The best Ingredients create exquisite Flavours

Bo Bom offers a wide variety of flavours, including several ones that have their origin in the owners’ home city of Torino. On the other hand, there are flavours that express their love for Mallorca. In their own words “an homage to the island with an Italian soul”. Each flavour has its own personality, each one is conceived and made with love.

At the gelateria they use only the best ingredients both from local suppliers and selected Italian growers. Almonds from the island, hazelnuts from Piemonte or pistachios from Sicily to name a few. The gelateria also stays away from artificial colourings and flavourings, hydrogenated vegetable fats or genetically modified ingredients. In addition, they don’t use factory-made mixes, toppings and dips. The Bo Bom team creates gelato like it was done once upon a time. Therefore, they peel fruit, grind almonds and squeeze lemons. Heavenly gelato made right in front of everybody. Every day.

More delicious Products at Bo Bom Gelato

What else does Bo Bom offer besides gelato? Of course, they offer artisan gelato in cones and cups, to eat in or to take away. Gourmet lovers will enjoy savouring gastro gelato and alcoholic flavours. A wonderful aperitivo or after dinner treat. Furthermore, Bo Bom sells gelato cakes and pastries, smoothies, natural fruit juices and milkshakes. You can also try their delicious waffles and crepes as well as a selection of coffee drinks, hot chocolate and tea. Let’s not forget their superb gelato cocktails, their chilled Italian wines, bubbles and prosecco.

Bo Bom also offers a breakfast menu in the morning. And many of the options come with a bit of gelato. Enjoy a classic Italian affogato–coffee with ice cream or sip a cappuccino along with a pastry or waffle, fresh seasonal fruit and a bit of Bo Bom gelato.

Catering Service

Bo Bom shares the magic moments of your life with you. They offer the possibility of enjoying exquisite gelato at home, in the office, on yachts or anywhere you like. The gelateria provides personalised packages from smaller drop off deliveries to catering events of all sizes. From family get-togethers to huge parties.

Bo Bom Mobile Service offers you three ways of enjoying your gelato in the location of your choice:

1. Take Away – In specially designed insulated packaging that will allow you to take the gelato home and enjoy it at the perfect temperature.

2. Delivery – To the venue of your choice, anywhere and at any time.

3. The Full Works – Book the stylishly, innovatively and beautifully presented Bo Bom Gelato Mobile trolley. It is accompanied by one or more members of the Bo Bom Team that will help you make your event special!

Bo Bom will help and assist you with loving care to share your love, offer your appreciation, say ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy Anniversary’, ‘Thank You’ to your team, and of course… say ‘I do’ on the special day of your wedding. Bo Bom will cater for your needs, adding their special gelato effect!


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