The international artist has arrived on the island with the intention of staying. His passion for feminine beauty and landscapes are openly manifested in his latest photographic exhibition.

Blaise Reutersward – The Art of Photography

When beauty, sophistication and mystery come together in a single image you get the infallible formula of success. An equation that any photographer dreams of mastering but only a few of them accomplish. This is the case of Blaise Reutersward (Stockholm, 1961) who was born in an aristocratic family, where photography was never considered a professional option, but rather a hobby with which to entertain. “I discovered my love for the camera at the end of the 70’s, being still very young”, he explains.

Contrary to any conventionalism of its social status, during the punk era Blaise began to photograph groups that played in Stockholm, including Blondie, The Clash, Ramones and the Sex Pistols. “I sold my photos in a record shop” he proclaims with laughter. Although that was only the prelude to everything that was to come.

“While studying Economics at University, a photographer asked me to work as a model for Benetton. I accepted. As soon as I saw the deployment of cameras, lights and cables I knew immediately that I was going to dedicate myself to photography”.

Blaise went back to college and thought about throwing all his books away and beginning to shape his dream. What happened next? The only thing we can say is that history was made, with numerous covers and editorials for all the international editions of Vogue, campaigns for Hermès and a huge list of beauties that have posed in front of hiscamera, including Carmen Kass, Toni Garrn, Karolina Kurkova and Marloes Horst, among other iconic models.

“I still maintain a close relationship with the world of fashion and working with Vogue, but my work is now more personal and artistic” he explains. Exhibitions in Fotografiska, the prestigious Museum of Photography in Stockholm and New York endorse his work.

When I ask Blaise about the emotions that he wants to convey with his images, he agrees that they all emanate a seductive and mysterious aesthetic, being something quite dark. “It’s what happens when you enter the world of Blaise” he says with a smile. “My photographs contain flaws, I do not like to retouch them too much, leaving them pure with a touch of sophistication”. He confesses that his creative process begins by putting the phone in airplane mode and listening to music from Future or A$APRocky. “I get into my world and disappear for hours. For me it is a kind of meditation” he explains. “That’s how I like to work when I create personal images“.

Some of these images are currently collected in Gallery RED in Palma de Mallorca. The Scandinavian photographer has signed a global representation contract with the art gallery located in Plaza Chopin in the heart of the city. “I am very happy to have started a collaboration with Gallery RED and I am sure that it will give excellent results”.

The artworks by the artist Blaise Reutersward is available at Gallery RED.

By Claudia Albons

Gallery Red BLAISE / SOLO Exhibition from Gallery Red- The innovative Gallery Red brings a great retrospective of the acclaimed international artist Blaise Reutersward in a new exhibition in Palma de Mallorca.
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