Mallorca is home to a wonderful selection of wineries and vineyards where you will be able to discover the rich gastronomical history and traditions of the island. In our guide to the Best Vineyards in Mallorca, we share our insider’s insight into the top places to visit to uncover their past, secrets and of course to taste their award-winning wines.

Best Vineyards in Mallorca

In recent decades, Mallorca wines have gained notable praise for their taste and quality. Although the island has smaller-scale production, there are still some amazing surprises waiting for connoisseurs of the grape. Wine tasting and tours have in fact become a major attraction in Mallorca, where visitors can taste a wonderful diversity that rivals some of the best in the world.

With an increasing number of wineries on the island, Mallorcan wines are growing in popularity across the globe. Interestingly, Mallorca has two regions, Binissalem and Pla i Llevent, which have been awarded the Spanish ‘Denominación de Origen’ – thanks to their high quality and excellent taste.

History of Mallorca Wine

Mallorca has a long tradition of wine, originating in 123BC when the island became part of the Roman Imperium. From that moment, the exportation of wine become an important part of the economy and the island. However, at the end of the 19th century, a small insect named filoxera, ended up destroying almost all vineyards in Mallorca, leaving the industry decrepit.

It took approximately 100 years until wine production flourished again, with farmers beginning to cultivate their vineyards in the wake of tourism. Today, Mallorca is particularly proud, with good reason, to be home to some of the best wines in Europe, with some of the best vineyards in the Balearic Islands and Spain.

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Mallorcan Wine

Mallorca has the perfect climate and growing conditions which puts its vineyards on par with the South of France and Italy. The island’s local grape varieties are delicious and diverse, with callet and prensel being their most distinguished whites, while manto negro, fogoneu and gorgollasa being the best of reds.

The vineyards are situated across five different wine growing regions on the island, each producing wines of different tastes and varieties which are dependant on their growing conditions. Take for instance the vines of the Serra de Tramuntana region, which are located on strikingly beautiful sea-facing mountains, or the el Pla regional vines, which are harvested in the sheltered flatlands of the mainland.

The red wines produced in Mallorca are rich and full-bodied, whilst the whites are well-balanced with aromatic floral notes. For those that prefer rosés, they range from deeper reds to pretty blushes. Some of the island’s producers are also renowned for creating gorgeous blends of local grapes with French varieties, including chardonnay, viognier, syrah and pinot noir.

Top Vineyards and Wineries in Mallorca

There are several great wineries to taste Mallorcan wines, where produces wine that displays different characters and beauty. Mallorca has more than 70 wineries, knows locally as bodega, which although may be on the smaller side, can produce an exceptionally incredible grape.

With the local wine being protected under two ‘appellation of origins’ you can be sure to taste superior wine. The first is DO Pla i Llevant, whose vineyards can be found near Manacor and Felanitx, and the most notable,  DO Binissalem, which stretches from Inca to Palma.

Top Wines for the colder Season

Vins Miquel Gelabert

Located in Manacor, the land of all things tennis, Vins Miquel Gelabert has emerged as the leading producer in Pla Llevant. Their white wines, notably Sa Vall Selecció Privada, are particularly delicious, being a wonderful fusion of local Prensal grapes, Muscat and Chardonnay.

Carrer d’en Salas, 50, 07500 Manacor

Pere Seda Vineyard

Also situated in Manacor is the Pere Seda Vineyard, the largest winery in the Pla i Llevant region. The vineyard has earned its reputation as the leading producer on the island, representing the Balearic Islands on the world stage ad winning numerous International and Spanish awards for their stunning white, rosé, red and Crianza wines.

Manacor Manacor – Paradise of Tennis & Pearls- With over 40.000 citizens, Manacor forms the second largest municipality in Mallorca. Visit the home town of one of the world's best tennis players, Rafael Nadal.
Bodega Ribas

Bodega Ribas is situated in Consell and is the oldest winery on the island, producing wine for a whopping 300 years. With 100 acres of vineyards, they have the widest range of native grape varieties, where their 18th-century manor house still has its original barrel cellar and warehouse.

Muntanya, 2 07330 Consell

Photos courtesy of Bodega Ribas

Bodega Can Majoral

Farming organically since 1979, Bodega Can Majoral have made a passionate commitment to producing high-quality organic wines. This has duly earned them respect throughout the industry where the bodega has won numerous awards. In addition to their tours and tastings, each year, you can volunteer for their incredible annual full moon harvest.

Carreró des Campanar, 07210 Algaida

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Ramanyà Wine Cellar

Ramanyà Wine Cellar in Santa Maria de Camí is a small family-run winery which produces young wines, using native and other varieties of grapes. As well as the option to tour their wine cellars and to taste some of their wines, you can also enjoy an agricultural museum which displays ancient tools, traditional farming equipment, pottery and much more!

Cami des Coscois, 16, Santa Maria del Camí

Photos courtesy of Ramanyà Wine Cellar

Bodegas Macià Batle

The successful Macià Batle winery has been producing grapes since 1856, where their award-winning wines use traditional, local vines. Tours of the winery take place throughout the day, with the bodega being tincluded in the Wine Express Train route. Situated in  the charming area of Santa María del Camí, Macià Batle create wine as form of art at their 150-year-old family-run bodega. Here, there really is a personal approach with the owner, Ramón Servalls Batle, choosing a local artist to design his special edition labels.

Camí Coanegra, s/n, 07320 Santa Maria del Camí

Bodegas Biniagual

The gorgeous setting of Biniagual is home to Bodegas Biniagual where its team is made up of internationally known wine makers. It is also the leading eco-producer, with their practices being free from fertilisers. Of its many scrumptious varieties, Seleccionado Bodega Biniagual is most definitely  one of the best.

Camí de Muro, 11, 07350 Biniagual

Photos courtesy of Bodega Biniagual 

Bodegas Antonio Nadal

Founded in 1989, Bodegas Antonio Nadal is a leading bodega on the island, being the first winery to obtain the first DO Binssalem. In this family-run business, their Tres Uvas 2012 is especially notable, being an elegant red that will awaken your taste palate. Fascinatingly, its Tres Uvas Reserva 1989, also won the coveted ‘Wine of the Decade Award’.

Camino de Son Roig s/n, Carrer de Son Morro, 28, 07313 Selva

Ca’n Novell Wine Cellar

Set in the heart of Binissalem, the wines of Ca’n Novell can be brought direct from the source, making it a relatively cheaper option. Thanks to this, the bodega is one of the most popular places for locals, who who refill their bottles or buy in bulk, which cuts down the costs.  They have 12 different types of wines in total which are made mostly from local grape varieties.

Carrer Bonaire, 17, Binissalem

Jose L. Ferrer Vineyard

Founded in 1931, Jose L. Ferrer Vineyard is a leading producer in Binissalem. Its tours have become very popular, offering visitors a chance to view their beautiful vineyards tours full of history and tradition. Their home-grown reds are simply stunning, made from local black Manto Negro and Callet grape varieties.

Carrer del Conquistador, 103, 07350 Binissalem

Binissalem Binissalem – Land of wine- Surrounded by some of the island’s best vineyards and bodegas, Binissalem is a must to visit for every connoisseur of wine with excellent cycling and hiking routes on offer.
Es Fangar Vineyard

Situated in Felanitx, Es Fangar Vineyard also serves as a horse farm and is famous for breeding beautiful Hanoverians. This is a great place to spice up your visit with delicious olive oils, having its own wonderful bio-finca. As a leader in ecological cultivation, the winery specialises in locally-grown grape varieties.

Camino Son Prohens, s/n, 07209 Son Prohens

Celler de Son Vives

Nestled between the sea and mountains in the outskirts of the Banyalbufar is the magnificent Celler de Son Vives. With a history dating back to 1986, the winery has become pioneers for the recovery of the Banyalbufar Malvasia. Here, visitors can enjoy guided tours and tastings, boasting a large terrace that showcases fabulous panoramic views.

Crta. Ma-10, Km. 87.5, 07191 Banyalbufar

Banyalbufar Banyalbufar – Magical hidden Town- Banyalbufar, a traditional, romantic, almost magical town hidden in the mountains of Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana. A place that wows both locals and visitors.

Winery Tours in Mallorca

Across the island there are a number of fantastic tours, where you will be given the opportunity to taste the island’s stunning and delicious wines. In addition to wine tastings, you can also delight in tasty local foods and learn all about the wine-making process.

For those that want to squeeze more than one vineyard into a day, the Wine Express Train offers visitors a chance to go to several of the more famous vineyards over a few hours. If you prefer to go at your own pace, there will be many wineries to keep you busy, with several being in close proximity to each other.

Participating wineries under both DO Binissalem and DO Pla i Llevant work together to promote lovely wine tasting routes, in addition to their own individual vineyard. The DO Binissalem wine route is comprised of 14 fabulous producers which are dotted across the centre of the island and which include Consell,  Santa Maria del Camí, Binissalem, Sencelles and Santa Eugenia.

It is easy to explore the wine culture of the island, but always keep in mind that most wineries require reservation to be made prior to the visit. Wine tours are simply one of the best ways to sample Mallorcan wine, where you can head straight to the source and taste the region in the glass.

Binassalem Wine Days

Eat & Drink Wine in Mallorca

Mallorca is renowned for its exceptional gastronomical scene, being a paradise for lovers of food and wine. And even if you’re just picking up a bottle from a supermarket or enjoying a casual lunch in a simple café, there is a fantastic selection of good regional table wines, regulated under ‘Vi de la Terra’ labels. The culinary offering at the island’s restaurants will also allow diners to sample a variety of top-quality Mallorcan and international varieties – you will be truly spoilt for choice in our dreamy island!

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