Although most first-time visitors to Spain may have never heard of it, sobrasada is a popular delicacy from the Balearic Islands that is loved across the whole country.

It’s a distinctive, paprika-spiked, raw, cured sausage that is often eaten like a pâté, and you will hardly find a kitchen in Mallorca where it is missing. In fact, Mallorquines hardly leave an opportunity not to simmer this sausage on bread or to complement their dishes.

Best Sobrasada in Mallorca

In Mallorca, you’ll find it absolutely everywhere and the product is used in an countless delicious recipes. The island’s humid and salty air serves exceptionally well for curing hams, so its no surprise why its so popular.

Sobrassada is traditionally made with pork from the black pig, or porc negre, a local variety, and although you can find a cheaper version using the meat of other breeds of pig, it’s just not quite the same.

In 1996, the European Union protected the sobrasada with a protected designation of origin. A second label was added to specifically protect the sobrassada associated with the meat of the cerdo negro (black pig), an autochthonous Mallorcan species.

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There are two distinct phases in their preparation. During the first phase, the sausage is made by seasoning chopped pork with salt, pepper and paprika, and using locally-grown red peppers. Once seasoned, the meat is stuffed into casings and hung up to cure in the open air, usually for between one and eight months.

Sobrasada comes in a variety of forms, ranging from very long and thin to short and fat – this all depends on which part of the pig is used.

Interesting fact? A black pig symbol on the packaging indicates authenticity.

Home-grown delights

Nowadays, there are several places across Mallorca that produce this sausage, including many farms that create their very own sobrasada. Moreover, thanks to its popularity, the sausage can be found in many markets and shops, such as small grocery stores as well as in supermarkets.

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Can Llompart

Can Llompart is a family-run business of artisans who create authentic sobrassada from Mallorca, in addition to other traditional sausages of the island.

The best part? You can order it online and delivered in your home, with delivery in just a few days.

Recipes with sobrassada

You can choose how to eat your sobrassada: raw or grilled on bread, or even with honey. The truth is, it is used a variety of recipes, and more and more local and international chefs are experimenting with it.

The gastronomical possibilities of sobrasada are endless and can also be used in meat, fish and vegetable dishes, and surprisingly, even in some desserts!

Keep it simple

Although the final result looks like a sausage, with a colour that is not unlike that of chorizo, it actually has a softer texture that means it is perfect to spread onto toast rather than cut up into slices.

Using it as a paste means that you can use it to give a rich flavour to dishes such as stews, and is a popular topping for cocas – a type of flatbread common in the Balearic Islands in addition to parts of mainland Spain like Valencia.

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Get creative

Why not delight your tastebuds, pairing the sweet with the salty flavours of the sobrasada. No better fusion than with the ensaimada, the queen amongst Mallorcan treats.

It is essentially a puff pastry bun, shaped like a shell, made with flour, eggs, yeast and sugar and lard. Although the most common fillings are chocolate or almond cream, it is can also be filled with sobrasada and pumpkin, known as ensaimada de tallades, which is typically cooked during carnival season.

Remember – shopping local is not only good for the environment, but supports the island and those who love it most. 

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