During the cooler and quieter months of the year Mallorca, and especially the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, become a true paradise for hiking fans. We have listed the 17 best hiking routes in Mallorca for you to enjoy a stunning landscape and explore parts of the island you didn’t know existed.

Best Hiking Routes in Mallorca

Whether you are looking for a more quiet, relaxing hike with breathtaking sea views or for something more challenging in high altitudes. The island offers numerous well-maintained and signposted hiking paths for all abilities and tastes. Read on for the best hiking routes in Mallorca!

The ultimate Challenge – GR221 Dry Stone Route

If you are a real hiking fan you can not miss Mallorca’s legendary, about 135 kilometre long dry stone route that runs the entire length of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. Starting in Port d’Andratx and ending in Pollensa this route is a real long distance challenge and can only be done in a few days. The route consists of different sections varying in length and difficulty. Some of the ancient paths are easier and better signposted than others. Meet fellow hikers, re-energise and spend the night at one of the typical ‘refugios’ along the route.

Hike along the Coast – San Telmo to La Trapa

This easier hiking trail starts at the western end of the Serra de Tramuntana in San Telmo, also known as Sant Elm. A beautiful coastal route leads up to the ruins of the La Trapa Monastery. Once there, reward yourself with a picnic and later enjoy the splendid panoramic views of the Sa Dragonera island.

Scenic Sea Views – Banyalbufar to Port des Canonge

In the shadow of old pines, the easy Volta des General trail goes from the beautiful village of Banyalbufar along the coast to the tiny fishing village of Port des Canonge. You will probably stop every few minutes capturing the stunning sea views.

Banyalbufar Banyalbufar – Magical hidden Town- Banyalbufar, a traditional, romantic, almost magical town hidden in the mountains of Mallorca's Serra de Tramuntana. A place that wows both locals and visitors.

Deep in the Mountains – Barranc de Biniaraix

Surrounded by the magnificent Tramuntana mountains, this popular, easier hiking tour takes you through the Barranc de Biniaraix, one of the most beautiful gorges in Mallorca. Stunning views of the vast and untouched rural area around Sóller make this trip an unforgettable experience.

Waterfalls in the Forest – Orient

The area around the small village of Orient is a popular hiking spot, especially in winter. After days of heavy rains, take the pleasant walk to the ‘Salt des Freu’ waterfalls, a true natural highlight in the middle of an enchanting forest. Once there, soak in the romantic natural spirit while listening to the rustling of the leaves and hissing water.

Visiting ancient Ruins – Alaró Castle

Climb up the Puig d’Alaró mountain to enjoy stunning views of the Tramuntana, Palma and the surrounding countryside. A medium level, two-hour walk leads up to the Alaró Castle that sits on top of the mountain. It dates back to Moorish times and is now an impressive ruin that can be visited.

The Reservoirs – Gorg Blau and Cúber

Mallorca’s two biggest reservoirs are hidden in the mountains but can easily be reached by car. Once there, you can go for a stroll around them, have a picnic and enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains. A perfect, light hiking option for families. The Cúber reservoir is also a great starting point for a hike up the 1093 metre high Puig de l’Ofre. From its top you can enjoy marvellous views of the Serra de Tramuntana and the valley of Sóller.

Did you know…

Mallorca has two mountain ranges, the Serra de Tramuntana in the north and the lower Llevant mountain range in the east. There are five peaks on the island that reach more than 1000 metres. The Puig Major is the highest mountain with 1445 metres followed by the Puig de Massanella with 1364 metres.

For the adventurous – Torrent de Pareis

There is a good reason why the excursion through the Torrent de Pareis is one of the best hiking routes in Mallorca. This five-hour hike is more for well-experienced adventurers looking for a a unique hiking experience. The route starts in Escorca and leads all the way through the gorge down to the sea, ending at the impressive cove of Sa Calobra. This trail is breathtaking in every sense of the word. You get to climb over slippery rocks and squeeze through narrow gaps while enjoying a stunning scenery that very much reminds of a smaller Grand Canyon.

Natural Spectacle – Ses Fonts Ufanes

When coming to the island during the winter months you can’t miss this unique natural spectacle close to Campanet that always lasts only a few days. Thanks to the heavy rains in autumn and winter the underground reservoirs in the area fill up until the water reaches the surface and the natural springs ‘Fonts Ufanes’ start to bubble. The springs are located in the middle of a forest by the public Finca Gabellí Petit and are well signposted.

The perfect Starting Point – Sanctuary of Lluc

The Monastery of Lluc is an ideal place to begin your adventure in the Tramuntana mountains. You can reach Mallorca’s highest accessible peak, the Puig de Massanella, from there taking a quite challenging route up the mountains. There are also numerous caves, gorges and other hiking trails in this area that are waiting to be explored.

Walking to the Ocean – Port de Pollença to Cala Bóquer

This walk is a rather easy one for experienced hikers. During approximately one and a half hours you get to see the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana mountains and lots of goats on a gentle path. Enjoy the views of the blue sea as you get closer to the Cala Bóquer cove. Once there, take a dip in the crystal-clear water or go snorkelling around the rugged cliffs. In winter this cove is a perfect picnic spot.

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For the Kids – Talaia d’Alcúdia

You want to get to know Mallorca’s north coast better? Then take this easy one-hour hike from the La Victòria hermitage up to the Talaia d’Alcúdia watch tower. Once there, a breathtaking panoramic view of the two bays of Alcúdia and Pollensa awaits you. Even though there are some steeper sections, many hikers take their older kids here.

Puerto de Alcúdia Discover Port d’Alcudia- Discover Port d’Alcudia, one of Mallorca’s biggest and most popular beach resorts. With gorgeous waters and golden beaches, there are also wide variety of activities and amenities to delight its visitors!

The hidden Cove – Coll Baix

The lower mountain range behind Alcúdia offers many fantastic hiking routes of all levels. You can for example start in Alcanada, at the Talaia d’Alcúdia or directly at the Refugi des Coll Baix to hike to the relatively unknown, hidden cove of Coll Baix where you will find a stunning virgin beach.

A walk by the Sea – Son Baulo to Son Serra de Marina

This easy two-hour walk is one of the best hiking routes in Mallorca and perfect for those who like sea views and history. The beautiful coastal route starts at the Son Baulo beach and ends in the relaxed little town of Son Serra de Marina. You walk along the deserted coastline passing ancient watch towers and the Necròpolis de Son Real, an impressive, largely above ground archaeological site. Take a moment here to soak in some history. Once you have reached Son Serra de Marina you can extend your hike to Colònia de Sant Pere.

The Hiker’s Paradise – Península de Llevant Natural Park

Explore a more unknown part of Mallorca hiking through this natural park located at the end of the Alcúdia bay five kilometres north of Artà. There are several routes to choose from. You can for example walk from the little sleepy town of Betlem to the natural reserve of Cap de Ferrutx or cross the Serra de Llevant hiking from Artà to the Ermita de Betlem. Untouched, vast nature and several stunning view points await you.

Beautiful coastal Hike – Cala Torta to Cala Agulla

Discover the island’s breathtaking east coast on several pleasant hiking trails for all levels. You can either start in Cala Torta or for a shorter hike in Cala Mesquida until you reach the beautiful Cala Agulla with its shade-giving pine trees and crystalline water. Some of the paths lead through forests, others take you up the mountains. Hike up to the Talaia Son Jaumell for spectacular views of both Cala Agulla and Cala Mesquida.

Unique Island Views – Puig de Sant Salvador

This uphill hike takes you along a pilgrim route about 500 metres up the Puig de Sant Salvador to the Sant Salvador Sanctuary that was built in 1348. From there you have one of the best panoramic views of the island. 

Hiking Tips

  • Prepare well to enjoy one of the best hiking routes in Mallorca. Choose proper and comfortable footwear. Also, keep an eye on the weather and take enough water and food with you.
  • Explore the island in a group. If you go by yourself, tell someone where you are going and when you are due to be back.
  • Use a map, your phone’s GPS or even better, take a personal hiking guide with you for your own safety.
  • Stay on the marked paths as you will cross many private properties on most hiking routes.
  • Always respect the nature and wildlife. Do not get off the trails or remove plants and do not touch or feed animals. Do not litter or light fires either.
Photos by Laura Pott, edit by Pernilla Danielsson
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