From beautiful coves to long stretches of golden white sand, the Balearic Islands are nothing short of a paradise on Earth. With endless choice of perfect and dreamy settings, we have put together a handy list of the 10 best beaches in the Balearic Islands, giving thanks to their wealth of heavenly qualities.

10 Best Beaches in the Balearic Islands

The beaches in the Balearic Islands invoke dreamy visions of colour and warmth. Boasting glorious turquoise hues and otherworldly crystal-clear waters, there is truly nothing better than a day out on the Mediterranean Sea.

1. Macarella and Macarelleta, Menorca

Within one hour from Mahón on the south coast of the island lies the beautiful beaches of Cala Macarella and Macarelleta. Famous for their unrivalled natural beauty, the beaches are surrounded by lush pine trees and greenery. The fantastic thing is the they are only a ten minute walking distance from the other, which means that you can soak up a wealth of wonder in just one day!

2. Cala Turqueta, Menorca

A few kilometers from Cala Macarella and Macarelleta lies Cala Turqueta – drenched in gorgeous shades of blue. Being isolated from the hustle and bustle of tourism and as a virgin beach, here it really feels like an untouched paradise. The beach is surrounded by leafy pines that is synonymous with the island of Menorca, with beautiful white sand and crystalline waters.

3. Cala Mitjana, Menorca

Nestled between cliffs and divine nature lies Cala Mitjana, a gorgeous area of beautiful sand and crystal clear waters. Once parked, you will have to walk around 20 minutes to get to the beach, so it is advisable to wear comfortable footwear!

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4. Cala Mondragó, Mallorca

The stunning Cala Mondragó was declared a Natural Park fifteen years ago, and it is no surprise considering its tranquil ambience and natural beauty. Featuring lush vegetation, fine sand and a slope perfect for bathing and relaxation, the beach as emerged as one of the most favourites for locals and tourists.

5. Es Trenc, Mallorca

Being alone on this beach in Mallorca is as complicated as going to the Moon! However, even knowing that you will rub shoulders with tourists and locals, it is still definitely well recommended to go!  The reasons are quite clear – it is one of the most pristine and best preserved corners of the island stretching 3 kilometres long, it has no buildings nearby, the water is transparent and the sand is very fine.

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6. Ses Illetes, Formentera

Bask in a gorgeous kilometre stretch of white sand which took it to the seventh position in the ranking of the best beaches in the world by the Traveler’s Choice Awards on Tripadvisor. Ses Illetes heavenly qualities doesn’t stop there, as the water boasts the bluest waters imaginable!

7. Caló des Mort, Formentera

Touring Formentera is more than a dream, as  being delightfully small and fantastically accessible, the island is a true paradise. At Calo des Mort you can soak in one of the most sensational views of the island, and if you want to get rid of your swimsuit, this is definitely your place!

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8. Aguas Blancos, Ibiza

The name Aguas Blancas refers to the colours of its waters, which is more than white, but extraordinary transparent. It has made our list of top 10 beaches thanks to it not being overcrowded and being the perfect place for diving or enjoying a relaxing day away from the crowds in Ibiza.

9. Cala de Benirrás, Ibiza

In summer, the drums of Benirrás beach beat in a hypnotic rhythm transmitting a remarkably special energy to the setting. Percussionist and lovers of idyllic and romantic scenes gather at this beautiful cove to watch magnificent sunsets on a 150 meters stretch of sand located to the north of the island.

10. Cala Comte, Ibiza

Situated close to the municipality of San Antonio lies Cala Comte, one of the island’s most loved beaches. It has two stretches of sand, one protected by rocks and the other by dunes, in addition to a small cove, which is lovely and calm. The views from the shore are spectacular and it is common to see sailboats in the bay, who stop to watch mesmerising sunsets.

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