Mallorca, in the minds of many, is a destination to enjoy in the sizzling heat of summer. Those who remain on the island all year round know that Mallorca is just as fabulous in autumn and winter as it is in summer. Many are aware of the fantastic activities that we can take part in during the summer months. But there are lots of things to do now during the colder season as well. Read on for our guide to the best autumn and winter activities in Mallorca.

Best Autumn and Winter Activities in Mallorca

During the colder months, many leave Mallorca, taking with them memories of summer. Those who remain are treated to another side of this beautiful island. A time when colour returns to the dried out countryside, water begins to flow back through the rivers and the air is fresh and crisp.


Stretching 70 km on the northwestern and eastern areas of Mallorca are two very iconic mountainous regions, the Serra de Tramuntana and Serra de Llevant. Creating a staggering backdrop to the beautiful countryside, they also offer a range of exciting activities for the adventurous.

Stretching for miles are spectacular hiking routes, catering for a range of ages and levels of fitness. With trails stretching from town to town and a range of mouth watering eateries in between, exploring these wonderful regions is best done when the temperatures become a bit cooler.

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Mountain Climbing

Autumn and winter are wonderful seasons to explore the vast mountains, allowing respite from the strong penetrating sun of summer. One great way to discover the Serra de Tramunta or Llevant mountain range is mountain climbing. Work on your balance and strength and totally disconnect when climbing one mountain after the other.

Best Autumn and Winter Activities in Mallorca Mountain Climbing

Stroll the Beaches

Remember those beaches that you were desperate to explore during the summer months but you just couldn’t find a free spot? Autumn and winter are a great time to discover the best beaches Mallorca has to offer. And you might even have them to yourselves.

During the cold months all of the beaches that were full of tourists are now back to their natures selves and waiting to be enjoyed.

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A Round of Golf

Fancy your hand at a golf club? Autumn and winter are the perfect time to brush up on your skills. The greens will be lush and the temperatures will have dipped, making it an enjoyable activity for an afternoon over the weekend.

Best Autumn and Winter Activities in Mallorca Golfing

Many golf courses offer wonderful lunches after the rounds, whoever lost the round can pick up the bill.

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Horse Riding

Whether it be riding across the glistening white sands or through the rolling Mallorcan backcountry, horse riding on the island is spectacular. There are many horse riding schools throughout Mallorca that offer lessons or the opportunity to enjoy a couple of hours on horse back enjoying a new environment.

Best Autumn and Winter Activities in Mallorca Horseback Riding


When the air is that little bit cooler outside and the sea gets colder, taking a dip in the crystal-clear waters surrounding Mallorca might be a bit too much for some. A great alternative is a trip to the spa, one of the best autumn and winter activities in Mallorca.

There are many great spas located in Palma and across the island which will transport you to warmer climates. Even if it is only for an hour or two. The perfect activity for a cold Sunday afternoon.

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Day at the Museum

Scattered across the island hide some of the island’s most interesting exhibits of art, history and heritage. Mallorca’s museums and art galleries span from Palma all the way across to Son Marroig or Alcúdia. Each offers something different to every visitor. Go back in time and discover the history of Mallorca or contemporary art. If it’s sport you are interested in, experience the story of Nadal’s journey of success just outside Manacor.

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Wine Tours

When we think of Spanish wine, what often springs to mind is La Rioja or Albarino. Right here on our doorstep in Mallorca, we have a wine region that will challenge the rest with undoubtedly some of the best wines you have yet to taste. On the island there are a number of tours that you can do. They give you the opportunity to taste this beautiful rich wine the island has to offer. You will also learn all about the wine making process. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon!


Palma has everything a shopping paradise needs. Trendy neighbourhoods with small boutiques, large retail chains, luxury stores on the Paseo del Borne and also large shopping malls like Mallorca Fashion Outlet.

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Whether you’re looking for elegant luxury fashion, cool hipster pieces, bohemian clothes or even furniture and home decor in Palma. There is a long list of fantastic shops the city offers.

Best Autumn and Winter Activities in Mallorca Shopping

Learn something new

Whether it’s brushing away the cobwebs from your Spanish grammar that you have been meaning to do for some time or getting your hands dirty at a pottery class. One of the best autumn and winter activities in Mallorca is to learn something new. Maybe you want to learn how to whip up a paella for your next dinner party. The island has it covered. Your friends will be begging you for the phone number to learn how to do it too.

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