If you like sports and you love the sea we present you two of the latest sports trends that will surely captivate you: Paddle surf and sup yoga. With both you can stay in shape while you tan, take a dip and have fun. The perfect activities for hot summer days in Mallorca!

What are Paddle Surf and Sup Yoga?

Paddle Surf, also called stand up paddle or sup, is a sport that has its origin in surfing. You can practise it both at the sea and in lakes or rivers. It consists of moving around with the help of a paddle standing on a board very similar to a surf board.

Sup yoga, as the name implies, is a sport that combines paddle surfing and yoga. It consists of maintaining postures and performing stretching and dynamic exercises on the board without losing balance.

A fun activity for everyone

In both forms, the choice of the board mainly depends on its prupose. Whether you would like to ride the waves, go on a relaxing paddle trip or do yoga, there is a suitable board for every exercise. The best thing is that you can practise paddle surfing and sup yoga both alone or in company. There is also no age limit, a fun activity for everyone!

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Benefits of Paddle Surf

1. Tones the abdominal area and the upper and lower extreminities.

2. Improves your balance and proprioception.

3. Increases aerobic capacity and muscular endurance.

4. Reduces stress levels. Paddle surf and sup yoga are both quiet water activities.

5. Decreases chances of suffering lower back pain.

6. Connects with nature. You get to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset on the sea when its calm either ealry in the morning or in the evening.

Text by Mar Caimari, photos by Laura Moragues

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