The company Nueva Hospitality organizes a beer festival at the Playa de Palma with the aim of animating the streets of this commercial area during the winter months. The event benefits both tourists and residents of the area. Lots of excellent beer, delicious food and fun activities are waiting!

Beer Festival


The beer fair will be held at the famous Bierkönig Centre in March, with the intention of offering all Majorcan and international visitors a great selection of original craft beer.

On the fair, visitors will find different stands presenting and offering craft beer, with special attention to outstanding local Mallorcan products and companies. Brands like Beer Lovers, Forastera, Craft Beer Mallorca, Cas Cerveser, Cerveza Nau or Toutatis will present their most delicious beer at the festival.

Of course, food can not be missing. In addition to the beer stands there will be booths offering a variety of tapas that perfectly accompany the beer.

Fun decoration, drinks and food, activities and live music will animate the crowds in an unbeatable environment at Mallorca‘s Playa de Palma.

The global craft beer revolution has not yet found its way to Mallorca. But things are changing; there are treasures beyond the mainstream thirst quenchers, one just needs to dig a little to find them. Beer Sommelier Malin Norman shows where.

beers mallorca 11 Places to find the best local Beers in Mallorca- The global craft beer revolution has not yet found its way to Mallorca. But things are changing. Beer Sommelier Malin Norman shows the best places to find local beer.

Useful Information

Admission is free.

  • Location: C/ Pare Bartomeu Gaspar, 6-8 in Playa de Palma

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