In a desolated parking lot, in what feels like the middle of nowhere, six anxious people are standing around and waiting for their first balloon ride over Mallorca.

Starting the Balloon Ride over Mallorca

The emotions really start to take over now as we are all staring at this little wooden basket. It looks handmade, I am thinking, and how are we all going to fit in? “We are going to be flying 400-500 meters above ground”, says Jordi Romero of Illes Balears Ballooning, our pilot who has more than 25 years flying experience. That makes me feel a bit safer.

Going higher and higher

Everyone starts chatting, just to keep the nerves intact. The balloon unfolds and they begin to fill it with air. “You will all have window seats”, says Jordi and smiles. It is soon time for take off. In the blink of an eye, we are told to jump into the basket. Note that it is still laying partly on the floor. A little bit more flame, and voila! We are flying. First, we hit a couple of treetops but then slowly and steadily we go higher and higher. The legs are shaking but luckily we get served champagne straight away and the bubbles remove the last worries.

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Like a Dream

It is truly amazing. So beautiful. So quiet. And again so beautiful. The hot air balloon ride over Mallorca feels like a dream. It feels like we are floating high the above ground with the island just under our feet. We see the skyline and the high mountains, the tiny villages and the massive fields. I never thought it would be so quiet and peaceful up here. The only thing that echoes in the distance is the sound of barking dogs.

Flying into the Sunset

The sun slowly starts to go down and the sky changes to warm yellow and orange. It is truly magical. We are flying for almost an hour before we slowly start to descend. Our pilot is searching for a landing spot. “We are always landing in different places, says Jordi. The wind is the decision maker. With three proper hard bumps we land on a stony field somewhere north of Palma. We are euphoric and pumped up on adrenaline after the ride. And the only thing I can think is “I want to do this again!”

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Photos by Pernilla Danielsson

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