Discover the island’s local flavours at Bala Roja, situated in the prestigious Hotel Es Princep. Fusing a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, diners can enjoy innovative creations in a truly special setting in Mallorca.

About Bala Roja 

Bala Roja is a new and promising restaurant located within the stunning Es Príncep hotel, in the historic centre of Palma de Mallorca. Offering traditional Mallorcan cuisine with a contemporary twist, the restaurant serves delicious plates in a culinary journey to awaken the senses.

The restaurant is run by the acclaimed Michelin-star chef Andreu Genestra and is steadily emerging as one of the city’s most popular restaurants. Here, locals and visitors are able to immerse themselves in the chef’s attention to detail and passion towards Mediterranean gastronomic creations, which are all prepared with fresh and local produce.

At Bala Roja, diners can discover two exquisite menus for dinner and an executive menu for lunch. Carefully created and artfully presented, the highest level of food is served in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Interestingly, Bala Roja translates to ‘red bullet’ and refers to the iron cannon balls which were heated in a coal-fired furnace and fired from the adjacent Baluard del Príncep.

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Bala Roja Cuisine 

At the restaurant diners can choose dishes from two menus, which are priced independently. The acclaimed chef Andreu Genestra serves traditional food touched by an artful contemporary flair and which is made from local produce in Mallorca.

There are several wonderful options to try, with their offering of fish and seafood being particularly divine. With such plates as Mallorcan prawns, lobsters and squid on offer, diners can also choose from a great selection of meats and appetisers that create a mouth-watering explosion on the palate. 

Special Setting

Es Príncep is a beautiful 5-star hotel situated in the historic area of Palma. Offering the highest attention to detail with a wealth incredible amenities, the hotel has emerged as one of the preferred luxury destinations on the island.

The hotel’s unique location in the Old Town allows visitors and guests to enjoy breathtaking views as well as being surrounded by a wealth of city delights such as shopping, art and culture. A dinner or lunch at Bala Roja can certainly be accompanied by a wonderful retail discovery or a visit to one of the city’s galleries and museums.

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