My 13 year-old daughter announced at dinner a few months ago that she was now a vegetarian. My seriously carnivorous child changed, seemingly overnight, into an herbivorous teenager.

At first my husband and I sort of winked at each other and nodded our tacit approvals, thinking it would pass at the first sign of a big juicy burger, but that has not turned out to be the case. She’s stuck to it, and as a result, we as a family have significantly slashed our meat consumption, going from nearly every day down to one or two days aweek. Without actually setting out to, we adopted healthier habits…and found it wasn’t hard at all!

Benefits of healthy eating

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones on this bandwagon. There is a European-wide trend toward this new kind of eating. Emphasizing a mostly plant-based diet without fully committing to it as a lifestyle…and those who have are not only reaping health benefits, they are reaping the psychological benefit of making positive changes to support a more sustainable way of life.

As Mallorca becomes a more and more sophisticated destination. On reason is the number of places offering meals and experiences that highlight this type of eating are growing. There are already a plethora of organic food shops popping up all over the island. Some excellent and well-established restaurants serving up vegetarian fare, organic sections at the local farmer’s markets, and some up and coming places that are making an experience out of eating well for well-being.


Know where to go


One such place is Terragust, a Manacor-based outfit that offers “0km food experiences”. Guests are invited to meet at the Terragust farm. There you can take a guide through the process of food cultivation, from seed to maturation. In addition, they explaine the particularities of Mallorca’s native varietals, as well as speaking on the importance of buying and eating local. Guests are encouraged to pick ripe fruits and veg to take home and try later.

Afterward, everyone comes together for an al fresco 5-course meal prepared by local Chef Biel Luis Galmés, affectionately called Cornet. He’s using fresh, seasonal products from the farm as well as locally sourced items such as meats and olive oil. You walk away with a gift cap, a cloth shopping bag filled with fruits and vegetables picked by your own hands. Moreover,  a full belly and a whole lot more knowledge about healthy eating than you had when you first came.

Eco Sa Teulera

Eco Sa Teulera, an organic farm and cooperative started in 1989 by Joan and Bel Adrover, also had the idea of eating better for better health. They started organically farming vegetables for a start as well as cultivating ancient local grains to make their own breads. Some years later, they moved to animal husbandry, first with pigs, then chickens and cows in order to offer eggs, yogurts, cheeses and their own sobrasada. They’ve now rounded it out with a variety of fruit trees and table grapes. Furthermore, you can buy all thouse products at three locations: the original farm in Petra, a shop in Manacor and at the Santa Catalina market.

Many restaurants are also serving up a more eco-conscious healthy fare, as a matter of course. Since eating well is now easier than ever, why not give it try? Your body will thank you for it!

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