The Asia Restaurant is located in the Park Hyatt Mallorca hotel in Cap Vernell in Canyamel. Led by the acclaimed head chef Tae Rodríguez Yamaguchi, the restaurant offers delicious plates of Asiatic cuisine, that is influenced by flavours of China, Thailand and Indonesia.

About Asia Restaurant

The design of each plate has created a delicious menu full of surprises from Tae Rodríguez Yamaguchi, a Japanese chef who is passionate about Asian cuisine. From the restaurant of Maca de Castro, this young cook was also the founder and head chef of a catering company specialising in Japanese cuisine and has previously trained at the Taberna de Yamaoka in Madrid and Suzunami restaurant in Japan.

The restaurant exudes a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, with a decoration that transports you to the Asian continent with a friendly and attentive service. The Asia Restaurant opens from 7pm to 11pm.

Asia Restaurant Cuisine

The menu delivers a Japanese approach with dishes featuring the fusion of Asian cuisines, fresh products and the search for authentic flavours.

Japanese recipes have been fused with Thai touches, traditional ingredients of South Korea and Chinese techniques. Everything fits in this new gastronomic proposal that combines quality, flavor and creativity. Diners can expect to taste culinary combinations that will allow them travel to distant continents through taste, sight and smell.

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Unique Location

Located in the area of ​​Cap Vermell (Canyamel), in a valley surrounded by nature and sea, Park Hyatt Mallorca is a luxury hotel complex that reflects the lifestyle of a traditional Mallorcan mountain village, with references to local art and cultural and natural heritage of the island.

It has a central town square surrounded by fruit trees and water sources that transmit peace, four high quality restaurants specialising in different cuisines. Here diners can indulge in amazing Canyamel Valley sunsets while enjoying fantastic cuisine with exceptional and exotic flavours. Discover Asia by Park Hyatt Mallorca!

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