High-quality ingredients, expertise and passion – this combination makes the perfect gelato. A product of superior quality made the Italian way with Italian technology. Creating this exquisite delicacy has to be learnt.  And there are only a few places that have perfected the art of making gelato. Bo Bom Gelato in Palma de Mallorca is one of them.

About Bo Bom Gelato

Under the motto “happiness is edible” Bo Bom brings to the island a new concept of gelateria and a true foodie experience. Their gelato offers clients that special moment of happiness – time stolen from their otherwise busy lives – pure joy and escapism, evocative of a carefree childhood.

Bo Bom Gelato has found the perfect balance of tradition and innovation to create unique gelato. It is freshly made at the gelateria guided by one of the best Maestro Gelatiere Italiano with the most advanced technology available.

The Art of making Gelato

First of all, Bo Bom uses only the finest ingredients from both local suppliers and selected Italian growers. Customers can enjoy almonds from Mallorca, hazelnuts from Piemonte or pistachios from Sicily. The gelateria also stays away from artificial colourings and flavourings, hydrogenated vegetable fats or genetically modified ingredients. In addition, they don’t use factory-made mixes, toppings and dips. The Bo Bom team creates gelato like it was done once upon a time. Therefore, they peel fruit, grind almonds and squeeze lemons. Heavenly gelato made right in front of everybody. Every day.

Once made, the gelato is stored in pozzetti, sealed and insulated cylinders. These cylinders protect the gelato from air and light to maintain its freshness, temperature, velvety creamy texture and its intense, vibrant flavours. True artisan gelato is like a precious gem that has to be kept in a treasure chest to preserve its beauty!

Furthermore, they use the latest, most advanced Italian technology and the newest techniques at Bo Bom Gelato. The team combines traditional methods with the mastery and expertise of a very skilled gelato chef. With wonderful creations as a result. Under the guidance of internationally celebrated, award-winning Maestro Gelatiere Alessandro Racca Bo Bom elevates gelato to a gourmet experience. And this is what the art of making gelato is all about.

An homage to the Island with an Italian Soul

Real gelato is artisan. It has to be carefully prepared using only fresh and high-quality produce to get that wonderful creamy texture. It is this texture that enhances the pure aroma of the fresh ingredients and creates an explosion of flavours as you taste it. As a result, the various components come through one by one and get a voice of their own.

Each flavour has its personality, each one is conceived and made with love. At the Bo Bom gelateria they are quite adventurous when it comes to combining ingredients such as lemon paired with basil. Many of the flavours have their origin in the owners’ home city, Torino, but others express their love for Mallorca. In their own words: “an homage to the island with an Italian soul”.

Where to find Bo Bom Gelato

Costa de la Pols 16A, 07003 Palma
Mercado de Santa Catalina, Puesto 78, 07014 Palma

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