Showcasing a high degree of beauty and artistry, ceramic styling in tableware is one of the most stunning features on any dining room table. Giving food that extra special touch in its presentation through an elegant statement, ceramics are making new waves in gastronomy and interior design.

New Wave of Ceramic Styling

We can’t always have food that’s homemade, but we can always have tableware that is delicately handmade. An investment in handcrafted ceramics is a purchase that can add so much to our homes, especially in terms of its aesthetics and personal energy.

In today’s world of mass production, there are so few things we can still make entirely with our own hands. Pottery is one of history’s oldest trades, and ceramicists are still as busy as ever today creating stunning works for the modern home. It truly is an art that you can eat off.

Starring in our food-world Instagram feed for months, we sought to find a beautiful ceramic set of our own. Our quest allowed us to encounter Ceramics MIM, a group of artists and designers formed from different environments and who are enriched with wonderful experiences.

Through travelling the world in search of ceramic techniques, they artfully learn from master artisans to create what can only be described as an extraordinary unique product. This is thanks to all of their creations being 100% handmade, using the highest quality of materials.

We love the delicate and one-of-a-kind look that these ceramic plates adorn. Painted by hand with a high degree of artistry, the stunning ceramics favour methods that keep the characteristics of the clay and the glaze alive, rather than an elaborate implementation of techniques and colours.

This is the ultimate luxury in our opinion – a set of handmade ceramics, lovingly made for the everyday table. Slowly but surely, people are foregoing formal tableware in favour of high-quality pieces that are just as versatile as they are beautiful and understated.

It is not surprising why many top chefs have started to commission dinnerware for their restaurants from a master ceramicist. No matter your culinary confidence, preparing and eating food deserves more recognition than we give it, and that is where ceramic tableware really comes in to play.

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Traditional Spanish Ceramics

Spanish decor boasts a vibrant and colourful design, where its traditional ceramics capture the very essence of this style and add an unparalleled level of beauty to a home. Over the centuries, this rich tradition has developed and artists of this trade still use the same technique today, accentuating any room with bright colours and intricate designs.

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