A spacious, light-flooded dream house by the sea or on the beautiful countryside. Many people dream of owning a wonderful, customised home on the island. The Mallorca-born, studied architect Jaime Salvá and his team work hard and with a great dose of passion to create such stunning homes for their customers.

About the Architect Jaime Salvá

After having worked in the United States for a while, architect Jaime Salvá opened his own studio on the famous Paseo del Borne in Palma in 2006 to live his dream job as an architect. His years in the USA have helped him improve his English. Speaking the language fluently has been very useful in Jaime’s professional career. It opened him the doors to a foreign market that represents approximately 70% of his current clients.

When now talking and listening to his clients during meetings Jaime understands their needs. He analyses their way of inhabiting the house, in order to create something unique that reflects the client’s soul. Taking into consideration urban regulations, the characteristics of the land, light, where the views are and more aspects Jaime starts creating the design and formal appearance of the building as well as a list of determinants. When designing, for Jaime the most beautiful part of his profession, he tries to adapt the house’s form to the client’s needs. And also to make it as functional and simple as possible.

Design Process

The architect usually starts a new project with paper and a pencil, looking for the perfect house distribution. “My aim is to reach a point where it seems that there is no other way to solve the design than the one finally made.” He then moves on to the volumetric work, drawing in three dimensions. The design process takes a long time, much work and patience. But Jaime doesn’t stop until he is completely happy with the final design. “I’m discarding alternatives that I can see do not work. And I’m not afraid to erase everything and start a new project from scratch if I notice that I’m not going in the right direction.”

What the architect Jaime Salvá likes most about his profession is being able to create something. He says that in most cases the architectural process is very slow and many factors intervene. “That’s why when the final result is finally obtained, and the client is happy, I feel a great satisfaction.”

Finding Inspiration in Arts

There are many things that might inspire an architect. For architect Jaime Salvá it is mostly the world of arts. “I am inspired by any artistic expression made with authenticity, be it a song, a movie, or an architectural building.” The architect also enjoys researching new trends and seeing projects of other architects he likes and who inspire him. One of them is the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels. Jaime admires the passion and originality he shows when presenting his projects. Other favourites are Carlos Ferrater or John Pawson whose simple and pure designs inspire the architect from Mallorca.

A contemporary Mediterranean Style

Architect Jaime Salvá describes his own architectural style as ‘contemporary Mediterranean’ style. He and his team apply local materials to geometries that are determined by current needs. Always looking for functional spaces and including some details. “I like that each project has at least one element that characterises it and makes it unique. A special corner, a functional aspect or something else.” Jaime prefers using natural materials and neutral tones while letting the furniture and decorative objects give the house some colour.

So what are the current architectural trends on the island? Jaime tells us that most of his clients request a lot of natural light for their future houses. As well as open spaces with clean and straight lines. Nowadays, great importance is also given to the kitchen. It functions as a social part of the house, together with the outdoor terraces. As for materials, Jaime’s clients demand details like natural stone walls, even in the interior of the house. The use of wood in vertical elements such as the facade or interior walls is also high in demand.

Projects and future Wishes

The ambitious architect Jaime Salvá has finished numerous projects he can be proud of and has fulfilled many home owners’ dreams. For him his greatest achievement as an architect is “getting new clients to come to my office because they have seen a project of mine and have liked it”. The architect and his team are currently working on approximately 50 projects in different phases. Most of them are single-family houses. They are located in Son Vida, Calviá, Andratx, Binissalem, Cala d’Or, Marratxí and other areas of the island. Jaime and his team are also working on buildings for multi-family housing in the areas of Cala Mayor, Son Armadams, Palma centre and Esporlas.

The ambitious and passionate architect is constantly renewing his dreams and works hard to keep fulfilling them little by little. But what’s his biggest dream? “One of the projects I would like to do would be to design a public building that has an impact on society. I am very interested in the necessary renovation of these types of buildings and adapting them to current needs.” Looking at the beautiful houses Jaime Salvá has designed over the past years we think that is a great idea.

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