With a Bachelor of Arts in fashion and a Master degree in Journalism, the creative and open-minded entrepreneur Anuska Menéndez creates unique and authentic stories for businesses or professionals, including artists and boutique hotels.

About Anuska Menéndez Prieto 

Photo by: Elizabeth Salcedo

How and when did your career as an entrepreneur start? In June 2016 a former colleague invited me to work with their communication agency. I realised that I could contribute great stories, so I decided to open my own small consultancy.

Was there ever a time in your career when you struggled? Of course. Without struggling and failing, it’s impossible to become the best version of you. You don’t know what you are capable of until you fall. It’s important to learn when it’s time to leave or to change.

What values and characteristics should a professional entrepreneur have in your opinion? Creativity to visualise what’s coming. Courage to face the unknown and difficulties. Adaptability, teamwork skills, and patience.

Do you have any tips for aspiring female entrepreneurs? Competition between women is one of our biggest enemies; rather, we should support each other. It’s also important to stick to your word and earn respect through a positive attitude and professionalism.

“I love getting to know the stories behind great projects and people who are passionate about what they do”.

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