Creativity, passion, innovation and drive define this young Michelin honoured chef, owner of three restaurants in Mallorca. Get to know Andreu Genestra.

A passion for Cooking

Andreu Genestra, the homeboy from Inca, in the center of the Mallorca, has big ideas to match his big smile. Looking more like a movie star than a Michelin honoured chef, Andreu is already a rising headliner on Mallorca’s growing culinary circuit. And don’t let his youthful looks fool you, Andreu Genestra has gained more experience in his 34 years than many chefs attain in a lifetime.

His journey towards genius began aged 15, washing pots in a hotel kitchen. A summer job his father encouraged, hoping to discourage young Andreu from any dreams of a culinary career. But the budding chef already felt an unwavering passion, and on his 16th birthday, instead of a motorbike his father presented him with his first set of professional chef’s knives.

Michelin awarded Cuisine

True talent always triumphs, and Andreu’s commitment to excellence saw him trained and influenced by some of Europe’s leading chefs including Ferran Adrià, Jordi Butron, Jean Loius Neichel, Andoni Aduriz and closer to home, Marc Fosh. In 2012 Andreu Genestra opened his first restaurant in Mallorca located exclusively within Hotel Predi Son Jaumell, quickly receiving a Michelin star for 2015, 2016 and 2017 in recognition of his outstanding and creative talent.

A unique Cooking Style and Work Ethic

As an artist experiments with tone and colour, Andreu experiments with layers of flavour and delicate spicing, creating a fusion of his exquisitely presented Mallorcan/Mediterranean cuisine using only the freshest ingredients available, mostly produced and cultivated organically across sixteen thousand square metres of private kitchen gardens.

Along with his passion, innovation and drive, Andreu’s astounding success is dominated by a magnanimous work ethic. And a belief in positive management control involving his entire team of dedicated disciples.

Andreu Genestra’s Restaurants

Andreu’s second restaurant, Aromata, was later opened in Palma as a city window to his flagship restaurant in Capdepera. Situated within the palatial courtyard of Sa Nostra Cultural Centre, only a few minutes stroll from the Paseo del Borne. Again the focus is on creating exquisite and unexpected dishes, with a touch of the mystical east. The magic of secret spices simply leaves your taste buds dancing with wonder. Expecting the unexpected reflects the individual style and mantra which shouts ‘Andreu Genestra’. The chef has recently opened a third restaurant, Bala Roja, situated in front of La Murada in the Calatrava neighbourhood.

Both Andreu and his three restaurants not only look good but seriously deliver. Andreu’s expertise in the crafting and blending of signature spices surfaces through the many layers of genius flavouring, influenced by his travels to India and other exotic climes. There is always a twist to Andreu’s stunning creations, and not just from a peppermill! The element of surprise will never fail to amaze you.

Written by Peter Clover

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