The renowned Alnitak organisation has joined forces with Save the Med Foundation in a joint collaboration to regenerate the Mediterranean Sea, becoming SAVE THE MED Expeditions.

ALNITAK team joins Save The Med Foundation

Both of the inspiring organisations share the same vision of the protection of Mediterranean ecosystems, with projects which are focused upon the reduction of single-use plastic pollution and the creation of Marine Protected Areas.

About Alnitak

Alnitak was founded in Spain in 1989 as a marine science organisation dedicated to the conservation and protection of marine ecosystems and the creation of strong connections between the ocean and its populations.

The organization developed a volunteer program almost 30 years ago which has welcomed more than 4,000 volunteers from more than 90 countries to conduct marine studies and research on species and ecosystems.


The work that has been achieved by the team and volunteers has allowed for the documentation of all the details of the expeditions, where the studies and discoveries that have been made have contributed directly to the management and creation of Marine Protected Areas throughout the world.

Star Projects

The MEDTOP project has been the star program of the organisation which consists of monitoring the main pelagic species of the Mediterranean. Experts from Save the Med are expanding turtle tagging programs, as another team of elasmobranch researchers join the surveys.

The OASIS ‘Turtle Oceanographers’ project now becomes ‘MEDTOP – Ocean Oceanographers’, as data on the threatened population of Devil fish (Mobula mobular) in the Balearic Sea begins to be collected.

The organisation will continue to map the abundance of species such as whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks, seabirds and bluefin tuna, contributing to the Framework Directive of the European Union Marine Strategy and management schemes of Marine Protected Areas.


For the development of all projects, the collaboration, involvement and participation of the entire community in the actions is very important, where citizens, fishermen, schools, companies, NGOs and government institutions are key to guarantee its success.

United in action

In a moment of urgency to act in favour of the health of the planet, Save the Med Foundation have expressed their excitement to join a team of scientists, educators and communicators from Alnitak. Together, they reinforce the notion that change can come through positive actions and teamwork.


About Save the Med Foundation

Save the Med Foundation is a non-profit organisation which is part of the Monitoring Commission for the Sa Dragonera Marine Reserve. Aiming to regenerate the Balearic water’s rich biodiversity, the Foundation aims to protect Marine Protected Areas and the reduction of plastic pollution through a host of commendable initiatives.

More information:

Address: Camí de Muntanya 7, 1ºF 07141 Marratxí

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