Alina Poloboc surely is an exceptional woman who knows what she wants. The former TV presenter turned artist left her home country Moldova to find her happiness in Mallorca. She now creates beautiful paintings in bright and bold colours inspired by the island and her new life here.

Starting a new Life on the Island

The gorgeous-looking and open-minded artist had never imagined that she would live in Mallorca one day. Hope and determination have helped her start a new life on the island, “because I’m a dreamer and I think if you really want something you will get it.” The 26 year-old moved to the island over one and a half years ago. She fell in love with it as soon as she sat foot on it. “Mallorca is the best place for painters and artists, here is the best light for painting.“

Initially, the young artist studied international relations at the University of Moldova. After graduating she worked as a presenter of a morning television show for one of the biggest channels in Moldova’s capital. To her an amazing and beautiful experience. However, Alina did not want to stay in her home country. She just didn’t see a future in Moldova but wanted to find a place in this world that inspires her and where her dreams could become true. “I was always looking for a place to live where I can find comfort, peace and inspiration. Mallorca is the place where I found everything,” she happily says.

Alina Poloboc discovers her Love for Art

On the island Alina Poloboc started dedicating herself to the work that makes her the happiest person in the world. “I was painting every day and doing it out of simple pleasure and passion without imagining that someday it would become my profession.“ After she had finished ten paintings, some of her friends encouraged Alina to organize her first exhibition in Mallorca. And so her artistic career, which she had never planned, began. “This is the biggest gift of my life and I’m so happy that I transformed my passion into my work.“

Art is very important for Alina and she feels lucky to be able to work as an artist because it gives her the opportunity to express herself and to create new and unique things. Her favorite technique is painting with oil, sometimes also acrylic paint. She likes experimenting with different materials and techniques because “you never know what you might discover or what style could be your favourite.“ What most fascinates her about art is that she can paint hours or entire days without ever getting bored while the end results always amaze her.

Alina Poloboc now mostly paints at her studio in Palma finding herself in her own world of imagination, colours and dreams. Sometimes she prefers painting outside though, on the beach or somewhere with a beautiful view.

Abstract Paintings

The passionate, sensitive and creative painter describes her art style as abstract. Her colourful, expressive paintings are all different and unique in their own way. Many of them depict Alina’s emotions and her personal experiences: “In my paintings I am 100% me. I often paint what I feel and in all my works I can see the evolutions and stages of life.“ Besides that, people, things and life situations inspire her to paint every day. “In Moldova we have a saying, ‘the appetite comes eating’, and in my case the inspiration comes when I’m painting.“ For her, painting is like a soul and mental therapy. A refuge where she finds peace and can recharge her batteries.

Working as an Artist

Alina Poloboc now lives from her paintings. She mostly sells to clients or buyers outside of Mallorca. Many of them are Swedes, Swiss or Italians who know her personally or on recommendation. The artist also organizes exhibitions where she sells her paintings. She admits that it can be difficult to make a living as an artist. But it’s not impossible, “if you work hard and know not just to paint but also a bit of marketing and how to sell your paintings.”

At the end of July, the artist organized an exhibition with the Joy Ron foundation that helps children in need. A certain percentage of the money earned through the sales of her paintings was donated to this foundation. For October and December she has planned two exhibitions outside of Spain. Alina won’t stop exploring the world and discovering different cultures. She is currently working on plans to move to the USA where she would love to expose her work. This talented and life-loving artist never stops dreaming…

Alina Poloboc’s paintings can be admired at her studio or in some hotels in Palma, for example Bahia Hotel in Paguera.

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