Situated on the south east of the island of Mallorca, Algaida is a typical Mallorcan town that boasts an unrivalled beauty and history. With narrow streets, iconic windmills and a laid back pace of life, the area is the perfect place to discover an authentic way of life.

Beautiful Algaida

Algaida is la town that is located in a beautiful part of Mallorca, at the bottom of a hilly area which is comprised of the famous Puig de Randa. This region has emerged as a true paradise for sports enthusiasts, with ample choice of routes for cycling and hiking. In addition to an array of charming churches, Algaida is home to beautiful windmills, which have become the perfect picture setting for every Instagram shot!

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Like many of the authentic towns in Mallorca, Algaida showcases an intriguing history, with remains of the Talaiotic settlements which date back to 1400 BC. The town interestingly did not develop until the arrival of the Catalans in the 13th century, where its economy was based on its wealth of agriculture. It was not until the 20th century that Algaida saw a boost of tourism, when small industries started to grow.

Things to do in Algaida

It could be proclaimed that Algaida is most famous for its iconic windmills which were mainly built in the 18th and 19th century, creating a striking skyline for the town. The most fanous include Moli d’en Pau, Moli d’en Boi and Moli d’en Xina.

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Can Gordiola

Can Gordiola is a glass factory, housed in a beautiful 18th-century castle on the road from Palma to Manacor. The ground floor contains a workshop which is decorated with stunning arches and stained glass windows, where you can watch glass being blown. Headed upstairs, there is a fascinating museum which is devoted to glass and perfume.

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Sanctuarys in the area of Puig de Randa include the Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Gracia, a hermitage from the 15th century. In addition, at the top of the mountain stands Santuario Nuestra Señora de Cura, the hermitage of Ramon Llull, Majorca’s greatest religious philosopher and scholar.


Algaida is home to a charming market which takes place every week. In addition to fresh and local produce, visitors can source a plethora of artisanal crafts which are made from craftsmen in Mallorca.

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Traditional fiestas

The patron saint of Algaida is Sant Honorat, which is celebrated on January 16th each year. In addition, during the summer months, the town puts on a wonderful festival in honour of Sant Jaume. As well as traditional dancers, the event is filled with a variety of fun filled activities, which can be enjoyed by the entire family. It also makes a fantastic experience of Spain’s much loved local fiestas, which certainly should be experienced on every visit to the island.


Algaida has emerged as a paradise for cycling, with a superb offering of routes. As well as excellent quality roads, there are plenty of flat surfaces which can be combined with the hills of Randa. This has allowed the area to be the perfect terrain to explore for seasoned sportsmen as well as those who are less experienced in the field.

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Ina addition to cycling, there are also numerous hiking routes in the area, which make for a perfect activity for those that want to immerse themselves in exploration and discovery. The routes that have become especially popular travel from the Sanctuary of Cura which is located on the Puig de Randa.

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Dining in Algaida

The town is a superb pick for those that want to enjoy traditional and authentic Mallorcan and Spanish cuisine,with a great choice of local restaurants which pride themselves on the quality of their gastronomy.

Where to stay in Algaida

In the area surrounding Algaida, there is a great choice of accommodation where a stay in a finca hotel is one of the most popular options. These include charming farmhouses which have been renovated to the highest standards to give visitors an authentic experience of Mallorca. Those that prefer more relaxation and space, can also opt to stay in a beautiful private villa, which will offer a unique experience in a truly incredible setting.

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