Mallorca attracts many creatives that get inspired by the beautiful island and its culture. Some of them come together to work and present their unique creations such as the Alaro Beehive. A ‘colony’ of painters, designers and artists gathering in an old shoe factory to present and sell their wonderful work.

About the Alaro Beehive

The Alaro Beehive is a collective that has popped up in a gallery space in Alaró, a small town in Mallorca. It is a coming together or ‘colony’ of creatives, including local and international artists and makers. First and foremost, it is for the creatives. A space where ideas can bounce off each other. Secondly, it presents the creative side of Alaró to the larger public.

It first began as a simple chat between three danish artists. One, Katrin Kirk, had already enjoyed much success showcasing her own work alongside selected designs in her own gallery in Alaró. The three initially were to present their work in the gallery space but like everything in Alaró word spread fast. Three artists turned into a collective of 12 designers and makers. The group is now a mix of international and local people from Alaró. Their aim is to show and promote the many creative people in and around the town.

The Alaro Beehive is more than bringing creatives and their products to one space. It is not a shop. It is a place to show the villagers the richness of production that is happening in Alarò, every day. Manufacturing in the pueblo is not history. It is very modern and ongoing.

On May 5th the ‘beehive’ opened in an old shoe factory right around the corner from Alaró’s market place. Here the artists showcase and sell their creations and products. You can visit the collective every Saturday from 10am to 2pm until the end of July.

Artists and Products

The creatives include Diegot, an ex-fighter pilot turned jeweller and an illustrator turned artist making one of a kind silver and gold creature rings. Another member of the collective is Emily Rotter. A couple of years ago, the designer took the leap to move from London working in illustration for companies such as Alexander McQueen to living in Alaró.

You can find lots of different unique products at the Alaro Beehive such as art pieces, handmade and eco products, local drinks and cosmetics mixed with bikinis, jewellery, bags and furniture. There are leather handbags with vintage scarves from lie down I think I love you. You will also find Tatianas teepees and beanbags or bold mesh artworks found in some of the Balearic Island’s best hotels. In addition, you will find Svin gin, a local gin from the island, and another locally brewed alcohol – le Terca, an artisan beer. The new start up Viveco helps to live a more eco and sustainable lifestyle. And there are many many more!


Recently the Alaro Beehive bought lilibon swimwear to the gallery which was a great success. Lilibon is an internationally known brand worn by the likes of Helena Christensen. Some of the best boutiques including Le Bon Marche in Paris sell their swimwear.

For more information visit the Alaro Beehive’s Facebook page or Instagram!

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