Siblings and dentists, doctors Aina and Juan Mesquida offer state-of-the-art treatments from their clinic in Palma and both have a thorough level of knowledge and training in dentistry.

Interview with Aina and Juan Mesquida

You undertook your specialty training in the United States, how has it helped your professional development?

We had the opportunity to work and learn from the best practitioners in the world and become part of a select group of professionals with the highest level of scientific and clinical backgrounds. The vast resources of American medicine allow universities and medical centres to continue to recruit the most renowned professionals in the world.

Clinically, what key skills provide you with a competitive advantage in comparison to other dental practices? 

As a clinician, a thorough level of knowledge and training is of utmost importance and certainly the main differential factor. Secondly, the aim for excellence from a 360’ perspective, starting with the clinical facility itself and including the highest standards in technological equipment, which are hardly available in most dental clinics. Finally, a humanly, compassionate approach is in our essence. The empathy towards our patients is something non-negotiable within our team; we try to make each patient feel that they are being listened to and treated with the highest standards of professionalism and ethical rigor.

How do you evaluate the natural features in a smile?

From a facial integration stand point which impacts both the design and color of the teeth and their mimetism with the surrounding structures (lips, eyes etc.). It is extremely important as its needed in order to make in order to make our treatments “invisible” with the naked eye.

Have implant materials changed?

Recent advances on surface treatment of the dental implants have accelerated the process of osseointegration (a structural and functional connection between bone and implant). Therefore, our patients, in most cases, can have missing/failing teeth replaced immediately.

Has bone regeneration opened new frontiers? What extreme cases have you seen?

We can regenerate the bone that has been lost after tooth extraction, that is not an issue. However, today we go one step further, as we can prevent bone loss with simple and painless techniques. We remember dozens of grateful patients after bone regenerative treatments when they had previously declined treatment with implants.

In addition to your clinic, you do solidarity work, what is it about?

We do solidarity dentistry expeditions in Ethiopia and Peru, usually two or three times a year, with the NGO LLevant en Marxa. On those expeditions we dedicate ourselves to oral hygiene education and surgical procedures that do not require electrical supply.

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Address: Carrer del Rei Sanç, 12, 07004 Palma

Phone: +34 971 75 38 00

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