In our guide to the best activities in Mallorca, we offer our readers expert local knowledge to the best things to do on the island. Be inspired for the ultimate island experience, where we recommend the best and most unique activities across Mallorca.

Best Activities in Mallorca

Mallorca offers infinite options for enjoyment, thanks to its spectacular landscape and rich cultural scene. With mild weather, an abundance of sports can be enjoyed all year round, from hiking and cycling to horseback riding and golf, where you will not struggle to find one that appeals to your tastes and interests.

Explore Palma de Mallorca

There is no city like Palma de Mallorca. Excellent restaurants and cosy cafés, world-renowned hotels next to small but glamorous boutique hotels, art galleries and museums, infinite shopping possibilities, a beautiful castle, fabulous beach and harbour make Mallorca‘s capital the place to be.

jardins palma de mallorca Best City Guide to Palma de Mallorca- Best City Guide to Palma de Mallorca! There is no city like Palma. Excellent restaurants and cafés, glamorous hotels, galleries and museums, infinite shopping possibilities, a fabulous beach and harbour make Mallorca's capital the place to be.

Retail Heaven

Whether you’re looking for elegant luxury fashion, cool hipster pieces, bohemian clothes, unique accessories or even furniture and home decor in Mallorca, the island has countless options for a spot of shopping.

Palma Shopping The Ultimate Palma Shopping Guide- Palma has everything a shopping paradise needs. Trendy neighbourhoods with small boutiques, large retail chains, luxury stores and large shopping malls. Here is the best Palma shopping guide for you!

Local Markets

There are many fabulous markets all over Mallorca on different weekdays that invite to spend a wonderful day shopping for the freshest food and buying typical local goods.

Best markets in Mallorca Best Markets in Mallorca- There is nothing more inspiring then to visit Mallorca’s thriving markets. The smell of fresh flowers, colourful olives and tasty desserts will bring a smile to anyone’s face, don't you think?

Beach Clubs

Mallorca is home to numerous exclusive beach clubs that invite you to spend a relaxed day by the sea. There are plenty of beach clubs all over the island that offer different services and experiences, where you will be inspired by awe-inspiring environments.

Best beach clubs Mallorca Best Beach Clubs in Mallorca- Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a dip in the pool, a massage or delicious meal with sea views. Find out all about the best beach clubs in Mallorca that invite you to spend a relaxed day by the ocean.

Best Spas

There is no better way to unwind than by treating yourself to a day at one of the island’s most luxurious spas. From Arabian interiors to modern designs, there are no shortage of options when it comes to achieving the utter most level of disconnection.

Best Spas in Mallorca- Relaxation and Mallorca go hand in hand and there is no better way to treat yourself than by spending a day at one of the island's most luxurious spas. We have created a list of the best spas in Mallorca which will help you to rest, relax and gain some much needed energy.


The island has become more and more attractive for holistic retreats all year round which invite you to slow down, take time to admire Mallorca’s natural beauty and to rediscover yourself.

Holistic Retreats Mallorca Rediscover yourself in Mallorca’s Holistic Retreats- Mallorca invites you to slow down, take time to admire its natural beauty and to rediscover yourself. The island has become more and more attractive for holistic retreat all year round.


Stretching for miles are spectacular hiking routes, catering for a range of ages and levels of fitness. With trails stretching from town to town and a range of mouth watering eateries in between.

BEST HIKING ROUTES MALLORCA Best Hiking Routes in Mallorca- Here are the 17 best hiking routes in Mallorca for you to enjoy a stunning landscape and explore parts of the island you didn't know existed.

Mountain Climbing

One great way to discover the island’s incredible terrain and landscapes is through mountain climbing. Work on your balance and strength and totally disconnect when climbing one mountain after the other.


Across Mallorca, you can find some of the best routes to pedal and enjoy the surroundings. Its hidden coves and roads that border the coast invite locals and visitors to get on the bike and feel the Mediterranean breeze on their faces.

Cycling in Mallorca Cycling in Mallorca- Every year at least 150.000 cyclists come to Mallorca to enjoy all that the island has to offer with its beauty and hundreds of kilometres of winding roads. Cycling in Mallorca is in fashion!

Rooftop Bars

Here are many fantastic rooftop terraces and bars in Palma to spend a lovely evening appreciating the city’s impressive architecture, enjoying tasty drinks and watching epic sunsets.

Best Rooftop Bars in Palma Best Rooftop Bars in Palma- Is there a better way to end the day than with an exquisite dinner or delicious drink al fresco with stunning views of Mallorca's capital? We don't think so. Here’s our guide to the best rooftop bars in Palma.

Balloon Rides

A balloon ride in Mallorca is a magical and unforgettable experience which you can enjoy with your friends, family or just with your partner and enjoy a breath-taking experience.

Balloon Ride over Mallorca Balloon Ride over Mallorca- In a desolated parking lot, in what feels like the middle of nowhere, six anxious people are standing around and waiting for their first balloon ride over Mallorca.

Helicopter Rides

Mallorca’s climate makes it a fantastic place not only to see by air, but also to get a pilot’s license. Flying in helicopter is something which many people are investing and enjoying, offering an awe-inspiring experience of Mallorca.

Flying in Helicopter Flying in Helicopter- From Palma to Dragonera in a Robinson 44. “Have any of you ever been up in a helicopter before?” asks Johnny Greenal, our pilot for the afternoon. Flying in helicopter is a totally new experience for all of us. 

Beachside Fun

There are countless beaches to choose from on Mallorca, whether you’re looking for tiny coves, busy resorts, rocky and remote inlets, or long stretches of golden sand. With over 200 beaches to enjoy, it’s easy to pick one that will be well suited to your desires.

25 Best Beaches in Mallorca- Summer is in full swing now, temperatures begin to rise and all we want is take a dip in the inviting turquoise sea. But where? We have created a guide of the best beaches in Mallorca.

Water Activities

Mallorca’s warm climate, enjoyable water temperature, perfect wind conditions and scenic coastline make the island the ideal destination for all kinds of watersports. No matter your level or desires, there is a perfect activity for you.

Best water activities in Mallorca Best Water Activities in Mallorca- The warm climate, enjoyable water temperature and scenic coastline make our island the ideal destination for all kinds of watersports lovers. We have listed the best water activities in Mallorca for you.

Luxury Yachts

From cosmopolitan marinas to secret anchorages, sailing the Mediterranean waters on aluxury yachts can offer extraordinary advantages and an unforgettable experience. Explore the sea with a range of onboard water based activities, or lie back and soak up the sun.

Charter a Yacht Six Reasons to charter a Yacht- Imagine luxurious accommodation, impeccable service, exhilarating activities and exquisite dining - all in complete privacy. This is the unmatched experience that life on board a luxury yacht brings.

Paddle Surf

Paddle Surf, also called stand up paddle or sup, is a fantastic and fun-filled sport that has its origin in surfing. You can practise it both at the sea and in lakes or rivers. It consists of moving around with the help of a paddle standing on a board very similar to a surf board.

Paddle Surf and Sup Yoga Benefits of Paddle Surf and Sup Yoga- If you like sports and you love the sea we present you two of the latest sports trends that will surely captivate you: Paddle surf and sup yoga. The perfect activities for hot summer days in Mallorca!

Family Activities

From outdoor activities to cultural events and sports, Mallorca has everything for a perfect family holiday, where there are a great variety of fun-filled activities to experience. Here you will find a mild climate, beautiful and safe beaches, nature, quality local gastronomic products and a great variety of activities and tourist attractions for all ages.

Family Activities in Mallorca Top Family Activities in Mallorca  - As well as sublime weather and glorious sunshine, there are also great family activities in Mallorca to experience. Read our pick of the best!


Mallorca has emerged as a fantastic golf destination thanks to their climate and number of great golf courses. Here you can practise or improve your golfing skills, live your passion for golf or simply enjoy stunning nature.

Golf Courses in the Balearic Islands- Whether you want to improve your golfing skills, live your passion for golf or simply enjoy stunning nature, we share the best golf courses on the Balearic Islands.

Horse Riding

Horseriding in Mallorca is one of the best ways to discover the island’s authentic charm. Taking part in routes which will make you be in contact with nature as you saddle up you will feel like a real cowboy!

Galleries & Museums

Scattered across the island hide some of the island’s most interesting exhibits of art, history and heritage. Mallorca’s museums and art galleries span from Palma all the way across to Son Marroig or Alcúdia, where each offers something distinctly different.

Gallery hopping in Palma Gallery hopping in Palma- Many well known international artists have chosen Mallorca to establish their private studios, and gallery hopping is one of the most popular activities for residents and visitors alike.

Food & Drinks

With both international and local cuisine on offer, Mallorca is a gastronomical paradise for all foodie lovers, with so much to offer for every mood, budget and taste.

Hottest Restaurants in Mallorca Where to Eat & Drink in Mallorca- Where to Eat & Drink in Mallorca! An insider's guide into the ultimate places to enjoy delicious gastronomical offerings with our favourite recommendations.


Palma de Mallorca is one of the best places to go out at night on the island of Mallorca. There is a wide variety of clubs, bars, restaurants and beach clubs, with a great range of parties and events taking place throughout the year.

Nightlife in Palma Nightlife in Palma- Palma has an abundance of great places to eat, drink and dance the night away in a vibrant and lively city! Check out our guide to the best nightlife in Palma.

Autumn & Winter Activities

Mallorca is just as fabulous in autumn and winter as it is in summer, where there a variety of things to do which bring endless fun and enjoyment.

BEST HIKING ROUTES MALLORCA Best Autumn and Winter Activities in Mallorca- There are lots of things to do on the island now during the colder season. Read on for our guide to the best autumn and winter activities in Mallorca.
Mallorca's Top Things to do in Winter Mallorca’s Top Things to do in Winter- Great proposal of activities and events in Mallorca, the winter season generates an environment which is rich in creativity, gastronomy and culture.

Wine Tours

Across the island there are a number of tours that you can do. They give you the opportunity to taste this beautiful rich wine the island has to offer. You will also learn all about the wine making process.

Space Observatory

For children with a love for space and the planets, the Astronomical Observatory of Mallorca is a must. This interesting and educational venue offers guided tours for groups where the history of space is explored.

More Activities

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