ABA Art Lab is dedicated to contemporary art, priding themselves on the promotion of the finest emerging artists. Established as a melting point between social and cultural realities, creation and current affairs, the prestigious gallery has curated some of the leading quintessential collections for private clients, luxurious brands and corporate firms.

ABA Art Lab

Founded by the talented and driven sisters of Maria Isabel and Alejandra Bordoy Bennàsa, ABA Art Lab exhibits captivating paintings, photography, sculpture and projections, which all exude beautiful minimalism and simplicity layered with meaning and emotion.

When making a visit to the inspiring gallery, it is worth viewing the large installations which feature in many of their exhibitions. These are created in the space itself and give real life and context to the establishment.

With a background that dates back to the distinguished Camba Art Gallery, ABA Art Lab serves as a continuation of its legacy. Situated in Plaça Porta in Palma, the gallery represents an international and culturally diverse community of contemporary artists, where they devote their time to the creation of quality work.

ABA Art Lab

Visit the gallery:

Address: Plaza Porta de Santa Catalina 21b, 07012 Palma de Mallorca

Telephone: +34 971 717 835

Website: www.abaart.com

Photos by Soravit. L

Exhibition ISHOKUJUU by Tatiana Sarasa

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