Do you want your brand to be recognized, promote and sell your product or service or start a new business? Then you need a creative, well thought out branding strategy which is indispensable in today’s steadily growing, competitive market. Follow our 8 steps for successful brand building.

Branding, why is it so important?

But what exactly is a brand? It’s not just the name or logo of your business. But it’s what the client associates with your company, service or product. It is a mental picture, idea or even an emotion people have when hearing your company’s name, seeing its logo or simply thinking of your business.

Hence, branding is the process of creating or shaping your brand’s perception or image in your clients’ minds. It enables costumers to identify your business with the help of certain associations or emotions connected to your business and motivates them to choose your products or service over your competitors’ offerings.

In the long run branding aims to attract new and retain already existing customers by creating emotional connection and identification with the brand and thus loyalty.

A complex Process

However, it is not always easy to decide how to present and market your business. Branding can be a complex process with various elements that all have to be thoughtfully combined. Starting with the very basics such as a name or logo to all points of public contact like your phone service or website.

Eventually, it’s the combination of all your brand’s elements that identify your company, product or service. All together they should create a great experience with the brand and a positive perception.

Trust professionals and creative designers to work on your branding for optimal results. Make sure they know your business well and they have been to your facilities, are aware of your sales strategies, know your goal etc. Together you can also go through our 8 steps for successful brand building. Good communication with professionals is key!

8 Steps for successful Brand Building

Here are some steps that will help you and your creative designer develop a professional and strong brand.

Branding Basics

Time for some self-discovery: Who are you as a business and what makes you special? They will help to define your brand and find a unique, recognizable name that identifies your company.

Decide who you want to attract: Think of your target group or market and do some research to learn about the needs and desires of your already existing and prospective clients.

Find a message: What key message do you want to deliver? What feelings and emotions should it evoke? Point out the uniqueness and importance of your business, product or service.

Create a consistent design: Whether it be modern and elegant, young and playful or serious, keep all design elements coherent. Choose a memorable logo, an easy but meaningful and catchy slogan, an appealing color palette and suitable fonts. Use this design for all on- and offline marketing materials, it will help people recognize your brand easily.

Put into Practice

Professional website design: It’s very important the power of online presence. You should invest in a first-class website. Make sure is well coded, great user experience, easy to manage, mobile responsive, fast loading, secure and SEO, search engine optimized.

Select suitable distribution channels: Where you present your company and advertise and how you interact with your clients is part of the branding strategy. Print or TV advertisement is just as important as a professional website and well managed social media channels. Look Mallorca magazine, a website and social media are a good option for advertising investement. They reach an international and wide audience.

Co-ordinate all elements: Everything that represents your business, both visual and verbal content, from packaging and what you wear to your e-mail signature and how you answer phone calls, has to be thought out. Be consistent always thinking of what lasting image you want to create in your clients’ minds.

Build good social relations: It’s also important to surround yourself with positive people who are already doing what you want to do; they will be the voice of reason when you need it.

We hope these 8 steps for successful brand building will help you. And now, happy branding!

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