3PHASE Lingua Group is an exclusive language school in Mallorca, which offers customised courses for a range of clients including residents on the island, business people and athletes. Based on extensive scientific research and proven application, their unique method stimulates the brain and increases learning potential.

A Unique Language School in Mallorca

3PHASE Lingua Group are much more than a traditional language school in Mallorca, priding themselves on being an effective coaching and training institution. Thanks to their special method, a language can be learnt in 30 hours, where their focus is getting their clients to speak in the shortest possible timeframe.

Founded in 2010, the training institution has achieved notable success, with each of their clients being treated with special attention and care on a one-to-one level. Based on decades of scientific research and proven application, 3PHASE Lingua Group offers individual training and group seminars in the languages of Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.

In their effective 30-hour program, the institution offers single face-to-face training, which can be broken down into smaller, intensive sessions over 1, 2, 5 or 10 weeks. This is adapted and tailored to their client’s needs, with a focus on accelerating the learning process.

There are many downfalls of learning in a traditional school, which sets 3PHASE Lingua Group apart from every other language school in Mallorca. In fact, learning in a group can slow you down and be counterproductive, which has allowed their one-to-one learning methods to be perfect for those that want to learn in a rapid and effective way.

Boasting a high percentage of client satisfaction and success, 3PHASE Lingua Group activates and stimulates both cerebral hemispheres, a mode of learning which opens up one’s potential and anchors long-term memory. Another very important component of their special method of studies is the fun factor, which contributes positively to the learning of a foreign language.

”I can finally understand and speak Spanish and I’m improving every day”.

Student at 3PHASE Lingua

Effective and Proven Method

3PHASE Lingua Group offer a unique and effective method to learn a language which is both dynamic and enjoyable, making a deeper impact on the sub-conscious level. In each session, their clients are given 50 words to study and memorise – the ideal amount for your brain to absorb. At the end of training you will have 500 words which you can use in all tenses and can apply to every aspect of your daily life.

Activating the 4 different learning types is a worthwhile and effective method which will gradually build a language from scratch in an interesting and simulating way. The training institution offers 3 unique courses which are specifically tailored for every need. These include:

  1. For residents and those with housing in Mallorca
  2. Special language holiday packages, which includes 6-nights in a 4- or 5-star hotel with a daily course
  3. Intensive training for athletes

In addition to this, 3PHASE Lingua Group provide specialised Superlearning courses for those that have difficulty retaining a language due to learning difficulties. With the application of hypnosis from a specially trained consultant, fears and blockages are relieved through their effective and long-lasting method.

Success Stories

Their special method guarantees optimal study thanks to the knowledge that they have acquired through scientific research and years of proven application. Their system increases and multiplies study performance, grounding information in long-term memory, where the learning process is accelerated.

In addition to aiding residents and holidaymakers, 3PHASE Lingua Group has taught footballers and athletes across the world, including Sami Khedira and Mesut Özil who chose the institution to learn Spanish for their foreign assignments at Real Madrid.

Contact 3PHASE Lingua Group

Address: C/ Nuredduna, 10, 4A, 07006 Palma de Mallorca

Phone: +34 871 513 683

Website: 3phase.es

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