It’s the last month of the year, time to see family and friends to enjoy with them such special dates as Christmas. Millions of Spanish residents and people all over the world hit the roads for December celebrations. For this reason, TÜV Rheinland, leader in technical services, security and certification worldwide, has created 10 tips for driving safely during the last days of the year.

Travelling by Car in December

December is a month of heavy traffic on the roads. First, on the occasion of the bridge day December 6, with an estimated 7 million trips. And then the arrival of Christmas, a time when the figure rises to about 17 million. The goal, and most important, is that you reach the destination without any incident. Therefore, the technical team of TÜV Rheinland offers some great tips to prevent accidents or last minute scares and ensure safe holidays in terms of mobility.

10 Tips for driving safely in Winter

10 Tips for driving safely in Winter

1. Have everything in order. Let’s start with the basics. Before any trip, the first thing to do is check that all documents are up to date and complete. For example, if the MOT has been passed, the vehicle is insured or the driving license has not expired. Also, don’t forget to take all important documents with you.

2. Check the vehicle. Your car or motorcycle should be ready to hit the road. Therefore, it is essential to measure the tyre pressure, check the lights and make sure that the seatbelts work correctly.

3. Properly equip the car. By law, the driver must carry in his boot at least one reflective vest and two approved warning triangles for signaling in case of an accident. Do not forget to bring a spare tyre, just in case.

4. Plan your route. Before leaving, be clear about the route you need to follow in order to avoid any unforeseen events. Knowing in advance where the roadhouses or gas stations are, and what type of roads you have to take will prevent the trip from being tedious.

5. Check the traffic reports. This is probably the most simple one of 10 tips for driving safely. The new technologies (apps or websites) and the radio inform in real time of the current traffic situation, which will help to avoid sections where there are congestions.

6. Check the weather. In Mallorca we don’t worry too much about the weather. However, before leaving check whether it is going to rain or snow at your destination. If necessary, put on chains and be aware of altered road conditions. Travel during the day if possible, since in winter there are fewer sunny hours.

7. Respect safety regulations. Although it seems obvious, it never hurts to remember such basic rules as respecting speed limits, safety distance, keeping your hands on the steering wheel or your eyes on the road.

8. No alcohol when driving. On these dates it is normal to celebrate with a glass of champagne, wine or a cocktail. However, if you decide to drink, do not drive a car. Ask a passenger who didn’t drink to drive or call a taxi.

9. Be attentive behind the wheel. 35% of accidents in Spain are caused by the distraction of the driver. During the journey never look at your phone, smoke, configure the GPS or look for anything in the glove compartment. The other passengers can help with that.

10. Rest every two hours. Everyone wants to get to their destination as soon as possible, but haste is tricky when you’re tired or inattentive. Therefore, stop for 10 minutes every two hours. It is also important that you opt for light meals. Eating too much causes fatigue.

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Driving safely

According to Rodrigo Radovan, the director of Spain’s Mobility Area of TÜV Rheinland, “any small precaution and any advice that helps raise awareness about security is welcome. The goal of us all should be to approach ‘0’ victims on the road and continue helping to protect the environment”.

Text via 3AW for TÜV Rheinland

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