Magazines offer clients a highly-targeted audience, valuable content, a longer shelf life and lasting impact. Despite the growth of social media and online advertising many businesses still rely on and prefer traditional magazine adverts. You would like to promote your product or service in one of Mallorca’s most popular lifestyle magazines? Then read on for the best reasons to advertise in Look Mallorca.

1. Audience

We have become the most widely distributed magazine across the island with 10.000 certified printed copies per edition. Free copies are available at more than 650 hotspots including numerous exclusive hotels and luxury villas, restaurants and bars, stores, golf clubs, yoga studios, beach clubs, beauty salons and many more places on the island putting the magazine into the hands of a high-end group of locals and travellers. Therefore advertising in Look Mallorca is a strong marketing tool.

I have noticed first-hand the amount of Look Mallorca magazines I see everywhere from Palma to Pollensa, in all of the top hotels, golf courses, coffee shops, decoration stores, many friends homes and offices. (D.A.)

2. Creative Content

Intelligent, stylish and ambitious, Look Mallorca magazine reflects the interests, values and passions of its readers and clients. It offers a focused and exclusive vision of Mallorca, always up to date and complete with all pertinent information. Look Mallorca stands out due to its international team, unique style, tasteful design, well-researched and informative texts and last but not least its sophisticated clients.   

3. Targeted

We engage with both local and international readers who share a passion for the island and luxury lifestyle.

Check out our audience here!

4. Advertising is relevant and welcome

Readers value magazine advertising, reading it almost as much as the editorial itself. The ads are accepted as an essential part of the magazine mix.

5. A lasting Message

Printed ads keep working 24/7 and have a longer shelf life than most other media. That’s why it’s a smart move to advertise in Look Mallorca magazine.

6. Visual

It’s all about the ‘Look’. Therefore we work with professional photographers to create a visually appealing publication with a tasteful design.

7. Advertising that sells

According to several studies magazines are generally the strongest driver of purchased intent. Perhaps this is because more than half of all readers act on magazine ads. We make sure that businesses that advertise in the magazine get as much audience as possible.

8. Reasonable Investment

We publish three editions a year: Spring, summer and autumn/winter. Your business doesn’t need to go over-budget to have an advert running all year round as the ads last longer. In addition you can target the audience according to the season your business needs it the most.

9. Digital Support

We publish the magazine in our online platforms. Also, we are publishing additional articles of our clients online, in our newsletter and social media – driving more targeted traffic to their websites. We have furthermore created an additional business directory on this website that contains a description, background story and the contact details of each client.

10. Brand Awareness

Your potential customers need to know you exist and what products or services you offer on the island. To be successful you need to identify what makes you unique so you can compete effectively and attract loyal customers. As marketing experts we can help you promote your brand and build your marketing strategy as well as assist with the ad design if necessary.

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